I can’t stand lookbooks. I can’t. They come very handy on a retail level. You know, you go inside a store to browse merchandise or sift through a brand’s latest offerings from the lookbook on the counter. But other than that, they’re a big no-no.

I often find myself throwing away countless of paper lookbooks from different designers and brands. I proactively (and politely) refuse taking them with me. Sure, leafing through something tactile and tangible helps fully visualize a brand’s vision or point of view but really, I just find it wasteful more than helpful.

I don’t usually take goodie bags but at a recent event I attended, a publicist insisted that a fellow blogging colleague and I take one in spite of our refusals. To spare ourselves further talk, we took one each before going to my hotel room for a night cap. Lo and behold there are not just one but several paper (very expensive paper) lookbooks inside. I asked my friend what was she going to do with them and she asked me where the trash can was. “If I need images, I can just go to their website,” she said.

In this digital era we live and work in, everything should be easily available online — images, press releases, information, etc.

It makes no sense carrying twenty pounds worth of paper with you when you’re already fighting tooth and nail with airline check-in staff to avoid those pesky and dreadful excess charges TO and FROM a trip.

I had the final straw not too long ago after receiving a press packet from a company touting “eco-friendly” bags. They unsolicitedly gifted me a sample, a canvas bag wrapped in plastic bag, inside a fancy cardboard box, with — yes you guessed it — a paper lookbook of all their other eco-friendly bags. I cannot help but wonder what drugs they took.

What’s wrong with sending a press release, via email, with a link to a downloadable, PDF lookbook? Don’t email huge file attachments; send a link instead! For those who insist on wanting something tangible, why not send a cool USB stick with images or PDF files inside them?

I think it’s about time for lookbooks to go digital.

Just think of the trees people, just think of the trees.