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Written By bryanboy

When it comes to road rules, in India, there are no rules. As our driver said, you need three things: a good horn, a good break and lastly, the most important of all, good luck. During the road trip from New Delhi to Agra, I saw four accidents over the span of five hours. Traffic lights are very rare here. Also, everyone honks like mad. They use their horns to communicate to one another. Even trucks have signs “Blow Horn Please” painted on the back. I’ve been using the ear plugs I got from the plane whenever I’m inside the car and let me tell you, they’re a godsend!

Bryanboy in the grassfields during his roadtrip from Jaipur to New Delhi

Three necklaces (one used as a headband) from New Delhi, sunglasses from Miu Miu, black top from Uniqlo, belt from Kenzo, trousers from a market in Jaipur, bracelets from Hermes and Morocco, shoes from Morocco, bag from Mark Cross

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Roadtrip from Jaipur to New Delhi
Road trip from Jaipur to New Delhi, India
Bryanboy and necklaces from Dilli Haat market, New Delhi
Kenzo green and yellow obi belt
Bryanboy's black Mark Cross bag, side view
Bryanboy's black Mark Cross bag, front view


  1. The way you wear the necklaces is awesome. Outfit is perfect, I am in love with your belt!

  2. Congratulations on your style but most importantly the way that you have created a business and an inspiration for many of us… keep going :)

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