Outlived And Outbillioned

Written By bryanboy

Allow me to take a break from fashion. I can’t get enough of this ICONIC video from many, many years ago.


Haters gonna hate but Team Paris all the way! She outlived and outbillioned them all — she has 17 product lines and her perfume line alone is worth approx. US$1.3 billion.


  1. Claudia Vieira de Albuquerque

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    I’m a brazilian fan of you and your website.
    I love fashion and I’m always here conferring trends.
    Now, I started a blog where I write about brazilian high society.
    Only listing the principal members of our elite and their lifestyle.
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  2. I just gotta say that all those flashes seem like a complete nightmare to me :( I give them kudos for handling themselves so well.

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