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It’s hard not to be inspired here in India. Talk about major sensory overload wherever you go. Too many colors, too many prints, too much visual stimulation. I bought all these fabrics yesterday and brought them to a local tailor and today was my first fitting. A few minor changes here and there voila, a trouser of my “own” design. Or not.

Bryanboy's tailored trousers
Sunglasses from Kenzo, bracelets from everywhere, custom-made trousers, sandals from Marc by Marc Jacobs

I asked my Twitter followers a few hours ago this question — let’s say I bought the fabric, brought them to a tailor to sew and stitch a garment based on my own size, my own specifications, detail, etc. Who should get credit for the design? What should one say when someone asks “who made it? who is it by?” Using terms like “bespoke” or “private label” or is pretentious and definitely out of the question…

The tailor expressed doubt yesterday when I asked to make trousers out of the fabric I gave him. It was thick, printed cotton, about $7 a meter, a far cry from the $35 a meter (and upwards) wools he had in the shop. You should have seen his face When I went out of the dressing room during my fitting earlier. “Wow, they look like designer trousers,” he said.

Total cost for the whole thing: about $39. Spent $21 for the fabric (gave him 3 meters because the length was short) and about $18 for the labor.

In any case, let me just say that you won’t see me come out with a clothing line anytime soon. I’m just making the most out of my trip. I love this whole buy cloth and bring it to a tailor sort of thing. Afterall, fabrics are quite affordable here, there’s so much to choose from and from what I’ve experienced so far, access to a great, inexpensive tailor is easier than trying to find beef!

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Side view of Bryanboy's tailored trousers
Close-up view of Bryanboy's tailored trousers
Full view of Bryanboy's tailored trousers


  1. Welcome to India darling!! Its what I do all the time, instead of buying designer clothes, I get it tailored by my tailor and make a few changes here and there to suit what I like and my style.. Hell I even remake clothes from Zara! Or else I even buy clothes from the streets that have Calvin Klein/Miss Sixty/Zara/Marks and Spencers etc tags, and have slight defects and I give it to my tailor to remake.. Its really a lot cheaper than buying the real deal, and its real cool to say ‘its custom made!”

  2. Are you sure you were not exploiting anybody? To talk about your deal in terms of affordability is outrageous. Same your attempt to refer to the (ill(?!!) attempt of the tailor to offer you more expensive (in his mind also more appropriate) fabrics. You cannot be so vane, so anesthetized after shaking a few fashion icons. I bet you would pay double the price to any designer you like perhaps to look cool ??!! but you nickle and dime in INDIA!! – and for you info, I am not a fat, non-stylish reader. Sandra

  3. I do that too! There’s no doubt that sometimes trousers or clothes like that give you the most perfect fit and just the way you want it.

  4. Incredible! I love how you’re not afraid of prints. Great fabric choice. Today I went to buy some fabric to make a dress and the Indian shop owner kept saying: “Aminta, you’re so sexy. Mucho, mucho…let me take you to dinner,” but he still charged me a lot for the fabric. I need to go to India, pronto!

  5. Like someone once said, style is not about how much money one has, but how much understanding. These trousers put that quote to a new light!

  6. sandra, you have no idea what you’re talking about. why don’t you go take a macroeconomics class, to see that this was a perfectly fair deal on both sides.

  7. I know enough of microeconomics. I do not like, it is disappointing to find this superficial and allow me, tacky social commentary ?! like “cheap tailors easier to find than beef”? and then whatever the tailor did right pictured as something he could not even imagine…I can do without these attitudes.

  8. Awesome Bryanboy and you look very chic!

    @Sandra – girl you should take some classes in Economy and probably English because yours is atrocious (vane? weathervane?).

  9. Great pants! “Tacky social commentary”?? I think not. India is reknowned for it’s fine textiles and bespoke tailors and I am certain this one was more than pleased to have the business. Of course they are easier to find than beef – Cows are sacred in India and rarely eaten!

  10. You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material

  11. @ Sandra take a chill pill! I’m Indian and I’m not offended then why should you be??
    Its true tailors here are soo common, everyone gets their stuff tailored.. Especially Indian clothes.. When you go to a store to buy a saree or a salwar kameez, mostly you get just fabric and you have to get it stitched yourself from yards of fabric.. Or maybe the design and stuff is already stitched and you just have to get it sewn from the sides according to your measurements.. Similar with guys stuff too..
    So you can imagine the number of tailors and tailoring workshops all over the country..
    And labor is very cheap in India, hence the prices seem very low to what you would pay in dollars/euros/whatever else in your own country than what you would pay in India..
    And there is really no need to over-pay or even tip the tailors, but if you wish to do so, its always welcome..
    But thats the difference with the ‘road-side’ tailors who would charge lets say 5-8$ to stitch a saree blouse, and with boutique tailors/small scale designer showrooms (like I worked in 1 where we design and we have 4 tailors, and 1 master who does only the cutting and 2 embroiders for embroidery) that charge 20-30$ for a saree blouse..
    Believe most of my clothes are tailored, even the home pants I’m wearing right now we tailored, all my dresses usually are.

  12. Adam Mohd Noor

    i have been living in India for 4 years n im totally agree with bryan!! i designed my own stuff n get it tailored!! amazing!

  13. Dara Pati

    LOVE the pants! They look AMAZING!!! and i have to say, the stitching is FLAWLESS,definitely can pass as designer trousers!

  14. I love these pants! I knew when you previewed the fabrics in an earlier post you would come back with something amazing! Did you get your custom Armani suit yet?

  15. Love everything about this post, the pants, the Indian feel to it and that it is custom made from my hometown Delhi, and obviously you in Delhi ;) makes it all special!

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  17. Exciting trousers. Did you manage to see Lecoanet Hémant’s work while in India? AFAIK, it’s the only Indian fashion house ever to win the Dé d’Or (for the best Paris Haute Couture collection). I know you would love it!

  18. oh em gee. SANDRA WHO EVER YOU ARE – what the heck is your problem. too funny. i love what you did with the fabric bryan. you envisioned something beautiful from a fabric that even the tailor was doubtful about. bravo.

    And Sandra – when he said CHEAP TAILOR – he meant it cost cheap to have it tailored – not that they are “cheap” people. my gosh – chill gurl.

  19. I love that print, I’ve been thinking about buying fabric and having a tailor create all the fabulous things my heart desires.

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