It’s hard not to be inspired here in India. Talk about major sensory overload wherever you go. Too many colors, too many prints, too much visual stimulation. I bought all these fabrics yesterday and brought them to a local tailor and today was my first fitting. A few minor changes here and there voila, a trouser of my “own” design. Or not.

Bryanboy's tailored trousers
Sunglasses from Kenzo, bracelets from everywhere, custom-made trousers, sandals from Marc by Marc Jacobs

I asked my Twitter followers a few hours ago this question — let’s say I bought the fabric, brought them to a tailor to sew and stitch a garment based on my own size, my own specifications, detail, etc. Who should get credit for the design? What should one say when someone asks “who made it? who is it by?” Using terms like “bespoke” or “private label” or is pretentious and definitely out of the question…

The tailor expressed doubt yesterday when I asked to make trousers out of the fabric I gave him. It was thick, printed cotton, about $7 a meter, a far cry from the $35 a meter (and upwards) wools he had in the shop. You should have seen his face When I went out of the dressing room during my fitting earlier. “Wow, they look like designer trousers,” he said.

Total cost for the whole thing: about $39. Spent $21 for the fabric (gave him 3 meters because the length was short) and about $18 for the labor.

In any case, let me just say that you won’t see me come out with a clothing line anytime soon. I’m just making the most out of my trip. I love this whole buy cloth and bring it to a tailor sort of thing. Afterall, fabrics are quite affordable here, there’s so much to choose from and from what I’ve experienced so far, access to a great, inexpensive tailor is easier than trying to find beef!

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Side view of Bryanboy's tailored trousers
Close-up view of Bryanboy's tailored trousers
Full view of Bryanboy's tailored trousers