It’s pink, it’s glittery, it’s blingy, it’s a cat.

Written By bryanboy

“It’s me, basically.”


The idea of showing the contents of your purse to spectators online is nothing new. It’s been done since the early days of the internet through discussion forums, blogs, websites, flickr groups and what have you. I used to run a little blog many years ago when I had spare time but I gradually lost interest. Anyway, there’s something very hypnotic and addictive watching these girls on YouTube share the contents of their bags. Some of them get hundreds and hundreds of thousands of views, if not MILLIONS of views. After a few videos, they all look the same, talk the same and sound the same. I just want to pull my hair, slap both sides of my face really hard and slam my head against the wall.

Click click click!


  1. okay so this is how the world looks like! everybody is looking for fame and a new media, internet, is the right and ideal way to do it! all you need is a computer! when i see those air headed videos i am wondering what is wrong with me! why do i watch them, there is nothing interesting going on! (PS this is the first time i see videos like that). everybody knows you can find stardom via reality shows/videos. all you have to do is expose yourself, i think a sex tape is still the best option! i call it internet/tv prostitution! there is something in our genes, we love attention and we love fame!

  2. Elena Vasilieva

    oh, god, why does everything need to be either glittery, or “cute”, or hello kitty, or all of the above. so much junk in all these bags, total useless random stuff. i really did want to pull my hair out after watching only a couple of these videos

  3. :D omg! how funny is that? i never saw videos like this before… and yes, I just want to pull my hair, slap both sides of my face really hard and slam my head against the wall!!!!
    is this the normal way, girls in the us talk? it doesn´t sound very intelligent!
    thanks for the videos, BB!
    xx S.

  4. Is it bad that I’ve never heard of this? I mean, I’ve seen plenty of “What’s in my bag” blog posts but not a video. I’m going to watch them all!

  5. That’s a very interesting vision of what the internet can create : Kittyzillas !!!
    I wonder if they have a nucleear battery inside, that make them talk sooooo fast. They’re probably the fastest speaking girls I have ever met.

  6. It’s so sad… This girl has too much free time. I have to admit, that once I read articles and watched photos with someones bag content… Years ago :) Is she really wearing such a big body lotion in her bag? /

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