How The First Clown Was Created

Written By bryanboy

I’m currently watching music videos on YouTube and after several dozen videos of all these made-up girls, I asked myself this question — what happens when a single girl, in full make-up, think eyeliner, eyeshadow, concealer, foundation, blush, lipgloss, lipstick, etc., goes out, meets a hot guy and makes out with him?

That thought sparked further questioning in my head.

What about all these girls who enhance the appearance of their bossoms using chicken cutlets?

What about all these girls who wear spanx before wearing their tightest, skimpiest Herve Leger dress? When a guy takes her home for sexy time… who’s gonna unwrap the mummy?

BTW I for one love spanx. I wear them myself only for the sole purpose of being able to fit clothes, not for the purpose of looking a certain way to get laid or to attract somebody. I’m in a relationship and my partner had seen me in my naked glory many times over, at night or in broad daylight.

I have no problems with people altering their appearance, whether temporarily or permanently, for whatever purpose. I do the exact same thing except I use clothes and accessories!

I’m really just curious about the reactions of people who meet people who alter their physical selves. Case in point, girls who use chicken cutlets! I mean, they give the illusion they have something up there but when a guy and that girl gets naked, what do you think goes on in the guy’s head? HOLY AGENT PROVOCATEUR BATMAN, IT’S NOT A HE OR A SHE IT’S A SHIM!

Anyway, I just find it all fascinating.

MissAJBuron sent me the best reply to my original question via Twitter.

“And that’s how the first clown was created.”

What say you? Care to contribute?


  1. I say wear clothes that flatter, but don’t completely disguise/ alter your true shape. If the guy knows (or at least as a vague idea of) what he’s getting and wants you still, that is a better sign that going home with him is good choice.

  2. re:spanx, we all saw what happen on Bridget Jones’ Diary, hehehe! and with regards to the make up thing, i don’t wear much but what i do wear just gets rubbed off. xx

  3. Omg bridget jones, i didn’t even thought of that! Haha that is such a good scene :-)

  4. U made a very good point! How far can we go to seduce… ? I’m answering very far if plastic surgeons are !

  5. guys do things too! they stuff things in their underwear and that’s even more awkward taking out than spanx.

    plus spanx can only do so much. They can’t make fat people look like skinny people they just smooth you out.

    but reading this, even though you say you do the same things, feels like you are condemning girls altering their appearances, and yet fashion is an industry based on altered appearances. You probably don’t wear makeup but I can tell you that you can put everything on your face (foundation, powder, blush, highlighter, lipstick, gloss) and itll stay on after making out. maybe the lip stuff will be gone but its not like they’re going to open their eyes and see the girls face melting off.

  6. haha it must be so weird for the person who discovers the true shape/look of this person they “think” they are getting hot and heavy with lol

    Vi from Cali

  7. I agree with what you say Bryan and have had a fear of wearing too much make up, a push up bra with extra padding and spanx before ever ‘hooking up’ with someone. The problem is, spanx does smooth out the edges but there’s always that fear for me that people can see what I’m wearing underneath. You never want to admit you’re wearing spanx. As much fun as push ups are…when it comes to being naked there’s not much to show, and its awkward when a guy feels you up there and realizes its all padding. I’ve never asked any of my male friends their opinions on the topic of spanx/make up/push up bras, but I’m sure many would be disappointed. That’s why I like to keep it real…and keep it healthy by staying in shape so that when I choose to wear a bandage dress it’s my real curves underneath.

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