His Name Is Lucky

Written By bryanboy

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it once again. I love riding big beasts. It brings me so much joy whenever I sit on top of a huge, breathing animal. It’s thrilling and exciting to entrust your life to something that is so big and you have very little control of. It’s been quite awhile since I last rode something (boyfriend doesn’t count btw) so when our tour guide told us yesterday that we’ll get to ride an elephant, I almost pissed my trousers.

Bryanboy enjoying an elephant ride at the Amber Palace in Jaipur, India

Horses? Check. Camel? Check. Elephant? Well, check check check. My boyfriend and I rode an elephant earlier this morning when we went to the Amber Palace. Our elephant’s name is Lucky. He’s twenty-five years old.

Riding an elephant is harder than I thought. It wasn’t the most comfortable ride I’ve had but it was fun nonetheless.

BTW, my kiwi friend Isaac told me a few weeks ago to avoid wearing shorts because elephant hair is itchy and can scratch your legs but it wasn’t so bad when I touched it. Ah well.

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Elephant ride at Amber Palace, Jaipur
Lucky the elephant
Amber Palace elephant ride
Elephant Parking Lot at Amber Palace, Jaipur
Elephant Rides in Jaipur, India


  1. I love your outfit in this one. LOL the fur plus the elephant makes you look so imperial!

  2. Yimi Cruz Bringas

    Exotic darling… even I think you should hear something delicated and layered fine fabrics. I dont like that bannana print there, evoque me a 80 beach, not the romantic place you are visiting…

  3. David Iannini

    Changing the style of adventure! I also want to raise these elephants! rsrss.


  4. hi bryan boy! although i absolutely love your banana top cuz it’s bold and unique..some US magazine tablor…star /Us? -not sure w/c one- put you on their worst dressed!!!bec. of that top.

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