Colour Me Bad

Written By bryanboy

Went to Chandni Chowk market earlier this afternoon and boy I went cray cray. There’s so many things to see there — everything from fabrics and artificial jewelry to toys and what have you. I bought more fabric earlier today and dropped by the tailor to have more things made. I paid like 600 rupees, roughly around $15 or so, for them to stitch me a pair of trousers using my own fabric. Amazingness! If I do this with a local “designer” back home I’m sure they’d charge me an arm and a leg.

Printed Indian cotton fabric in green, orange and yellow
Printed Indian cotton fabric in turquoise, purple, yellow
two types of printed Indian cotton fabric


  1. Lajpat Nagar also has GREAT fabrics! If you find a good embroidery expert you will REALLY BE IN HEAVEN! If you’re traveling to other parts of India… well the list never ends then. Enjoy!!!

  2. Love the amazing things you are saying about New Delhi. I love the city too as it has so much to offer in every nook and corner. Not everything may be perfect but its all so exciting to keep looking for that one thing that best suits you and voila you do find it!

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