Coat Or Arms?

Written By bryanboy

While the United States of America braces itself against the threat of default, here I am trying to sort out my latest dilemma.

I’ve been eyeing this gorgeous Phillip Lim coat at Shopbop for quite some time now as well as this amazing snake coat (photo below) from Prada’s fall/winter 2011 collection. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it down the runway in Milan back in February.

Prada coat fall winter 2011 worn by Raquel Zimmermann for Vogue Nippon magazine.
Raquel Zimmermann in Prada Fall 2011 for Vogue Nippon

I need a new coat. I really do. It’s not a bad idea to plan outfits in advance, budget and all that.

Thing is, I also need a new camera. I’m starting to get sick of my current one, a Canon Rebel T2i (my first DSLR camera) which I bought last November. It took me six years of blogging before upgrading my equipment. After eight months of use, I have this raging need to step up.

If you have seen some of my photo diaries over the past few months, I think you’ll agree with me how my photos are much better than before. I look at my pictures now and while the quality improved a few notches up (at least compared to photos I took, say, three years ago), I feel like I can do so much more if I invest in better equipment. Afterall, I consider myself extremely lucky (and grateful) for having so many opportunities and the access I’m privy to, people, places, events and situations. It’s kinda unfair if I don’t try to give my best.

I know very little about the world of photographic equipment so I rang my friend Rumi for advice. An hour and a half on the phone and a few clicks online later, my new baby is on its way. I ordered a Canon 5d Mark II, two lens and some accessories. Upgrade!

Between you and me, I’m still having doubts whether it was a good decision to buy a camera instead of a new coat. I have never spent so much on a camera before. I freaked out at the price! The three-year insurance alone was $599 or a pair of shoes if you ask me. Christian Louboutin sandals to be specific.

I called my boyfriend for emotional support. Instead of consoling me, he freaked out at the prospect of handling such expensive equipment when he’s taking pictures of me. “What if I dropped the camera?”, he asks. In spite of this, I detected a sense of excitement in his voice. Afterall, he, too, has a new toy to play with.

Rumi, on the other hand, was enthusiastic with my new acquisition. “Congrats,” she said.

“This is a purchase that will pave the way to buying Prada’s entire collection.”

Coat or no coat, I concur.


  1. Ahh so jealous. I want the canon T2i soooo bad. I bought a canon rebel xs last year (which is already a 5 year old camera :( )…..poor college student status lol.

  2. That’s an amazing camera, my bf & I had one. We travel constantly like you & although the 5d takes wonderful photos, it became really heavy & bulky to carry around. Now we have a Sony NEX-5 (much lighter).

  3. Good decision to buy the camera. I am no photo virtuose but I know that the 5d is THE camera. It´s going to be exciting to see how the pics will look.

  4. That’s one of the best, if not the best DSLR camera you could get at the moment ^^ Congrats!

  5. It’s not really the model of the camera b/c the camera is a tool. Think of the camera as a paintbrush. Yes, you can always get a new paintbrush, but if you don’t step up your skill level your work is always going to look the same… not matter what paintbrush (or camera) one uses.

  6. congratulations on your new purchase, I recently just upgraded to a nikon d7000 (from a sony nex-5), and the price also freaked the hell out of me. when it finally arrived, i took it out and just couldn’t believe how massive/heavy it is. trust me on this, the warranty/insurance is going to be totally worth it (in hoping that you got something similar to a mackcam diamond warranty which covers accidental and liquid damage). for my last camera, within 6 months of purchasing, i’ve already sent it in twice for dropping it on concrete and now for having it being drenched by water… If they can’t fix it, they give you a brand new kit.

  7. Congratulations, an investment is always the right choice.

    Not sure about the snake skin coat :/

  8. The 5d is heavy. It’s good for studio photography and landscape. But if you bring it around, I hope you won’t get tired. You don’t really need high resolution pictures…your pictures are fine.

  9. Dahling, get the snakeskin. A few miserable, disgusting serpents to dismember for people’s safety and fashion transcendence is well worth the cause. Fuck critters!

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