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Have you ever done a cleanse or joined a detox program? I haven’t. While sharing a cigarette at the Men in Italy event during the menswear shows in Milan last month, the gorgeous Aurora Sansone told me she was going to take part in a detox for the health benefits. She sparked my curiosity but alas, I’ve put the idea to the backburner until yesterday (after devouring a box of half a dozen Krispy Kremes) when my curiosity turned into a full-blown obsession, thanks to teh interwebs aka Gilt. They’re offering the 21-day “CLEAN PROGRAM” at a discount — it’s usually $425 but they’re selling it for $340. The program is relatively simple — you take a shake for breakfast, eat CLEAN-approved food for lunch and a shake for dinner. Then you take a handful of magical pills too. Gwyneth Paltrow said Dr. Alejandro Junger’s CLEAN program is “life-changing”. A search on YouTube yielded several people all throughout America, we’re taking about “real” people y’all, publish video logs of their progress from day 1 to day whatever. One woman went from size 16 to size 6 and another woman lost 35 pounds in a span of a month. All were happy with the results. And they all feel healthy and great. It’s phenomenal.


Here’s Dr. Alejandro Junger talking to Martha Stewart about food that’s allowed (and not allowed) at the program.


I want to do the cleanse but I’m worried how I’m going to integrate this program with my lifestyle. Finding the discipline and stamina to give up coffee, tea, alcohol (not that I’m a big alcohol drinker, I haven’t had alcohol in a week), meat, egg, cheese, etc aside… how do I carry three, 1-pound jars of powder criss-crossing continents without being stopped for suspiciously bringing contraband?


  1. The program seems great to me. I haven’t try it, but i did one very similar. And i was traveling at that time alot! And i never ever had problems with carrying it in my luggage. Even in Dubai, where people from the customs office are so captious to any medications.
    Wish u good luck with the cleanse! And patience (you’ll need it)!

  2. I’m not interested in the detox programs where you have to purchase shakes or powders, but next week I’m doing a 7 day detox diet mainly consisting of fruit, vegetables, herbal tea and rice (will be documenting it day-by-day hopefully).

  3. I had always thought about doing cleanses too and last year i heard about these cleanses in Australia where you essential drink 5 different juices (all different) for a certain amount of days – no food just the juices. Having never done a cleanse before i opted for the three day cleanse thinking that i had a fair amount of toxins to lose. initially it felt like a struggle but by the morning of the second day i was fully up for the challenge. on completion of the cleanse i found a new sense of willpower which i only to happy about. HOWEVER a mere three days after completing the cleanse i came down with the worst cold, nausea, coldsore, and bad skin break out of my LIFE. i put this down to all the accumulated toxins leaving my system however in my opinion it was not worth the it. although you 21 day cleanse sounds a little more gentler on your body! i would love to see what happens if you do complete it.

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