Christian Dior Fall Winter 2011 Haute Couture

Written By bryanboy

Yesterday was the Christian Dior fall/winter 2011 haute couture show in Paris. How do you feel about Bill Gaytten’s collection for Dior?

I personally thought it lacked the usual finesse and refinement of John Galliano’s previous collections for the House of Dior. There were too many ideas, too many concepts, but new beginnings for Dior nonetheless.

Bill, who worked for John for many, many years, was recently named as Creative Director of the John Galliano brand.


  1. I dont know what I hate the most : the music, the clothes or the entire atmosphere of the show. I seems like the designer just decided he was back in the 80’s without adding a touch of modernity of any kind.

  2. Porpor Rojanapradit

    Embarrassing thats the only word i can think of.

  3. Disaster strikes. That looks like a non prominent fashion school student show. I’m not looking forward to Dior shows now.

  4. Here you can understand the difference between real genius and normal people…Yes Galliano has made an incredible mistake with his racist and offensive phrases, but, at the same time, he is so much better than this fashion show…this show looks like a fake…

  5. I know vintage is in (I love vintage!) but I always think it’s a shame that the past decade – and it looks like this one too – is going to lack identity because designers always hark back to other eras of fashion. Have they run out of ideas?

  6. It feels as if he was just trying to be extravagant no matter what.. and if I compare it with Gallianos genial collections, this just doesn’t feel right. I don’t really like it and it seems like I’ve lost the reason to look forward to Dior’s couture fashion shows.. It’s a shame.

  7. Too kitsch. Too messy. Too theme-ey.
    I was thinking: “what the hell…” when I saw that excessive and uncomprehensible over-layering on those tasteless final gowns.
    What is this? Pat MacGrath should’ve said hi at the end of the show instead of Gaytten. She was the only one (besides Stephen Jones) who did her work right.

  8. Very mixed. It looked like 6 different shows put together instead of 1!!
    I however loved most of the clothes but I dont see how they can stand next to each other and be called a ‘collection’!

  9. Yimi Cruz Bringas

    Sad for this collection. It is horrible and terrible, but it is obvious the dream setter did not put his magic sense there.

  10. Since when did everyone acquire a Fashion MA and the right to spit such venom? Ok, it wasn’t the best, but it’s not life or death! I’ve no doubt Gaytten gave it his best, you guys should chill the fuck out.

  11. Yes indeed very mixed.

    As I said on my blog that I felt that there was too much going on that made a big conumdum out of the entire collection. Bill Gaytten has talent but I felt that he didn’t think things through. From one point of the show I seen that he was trying to push John Galliano’s ss11 couture show inspiration into his very own. Yet the collection was wimsical.

    Bill could have done a much better job. I still give him his graditude from craftmenship and also trying to impress the fashion crowd.

    In a collection it has to always be cohesive and non of them was put together a well thought out manner.

  12. In my opinion, the show/collection was just okay and lacked the general cohesiveness and creativeness that Dior/Galliano fans have grown accustomed to. Alas, as you said, it is a new beginning.

  13. WoW! the new collection of Dior haute couture is so horrible i hate it… sooo boring … John Galliano without John Galliano is useless and Christian Dior without John Galliano is HIDEOUS!!! We Miss You John Galliano :( … Back PLS.

  14. Evan Font


  15. J, I disagree with you completely. Everyone is spot on. This collection is a mess. For a house so steep in tradition and style this is unacceptable. Fashion belongs to everyone so do not patronize others for not having a degree to comment. This is life and death, McQueen, Blow, Versace and many more have died for fashion. Dior was ruthless in disposing John, who as an employee should have been supported instead of fired. It concerns me that he too might end his life being isolated by a company that he has given so much of his energy into revitalizing.
    Another point, fashion is inter-related, an uninspiring collection makes the label unfashionable (=death) , no one in their right mind will be seen wearing it (except for Natalie Portman with her Oscar up her arse), which means less sales, which means less profits, which means loss of jobs and livelihood and so on. So you got it all wrong!
    John, leave Dior to rot, get this case out of the way and move on. Your genius will lead the way.

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