1. They haven’t actually said why she died yet, although we can of course assume it was an overdose. Whatever it was it’s just so terribly sad.

    I saw her live once and thought she was amazing. So sad.

    RIP Amy. Thank you for the music.

  2. sorry for my english, but thank you so musc for that video. Amy I miss you and I hope see you soon

  3. They haven’t determined the cause of death yet, so please don’t post false information. As of right now authorities have said that they are still investigating her death. She will greatly missed, She was a very talented artist and lived a troubled sad life, may she finally rest in peace and love.

  4. WTH. You make a post about Amy when a man in norway has killed 93 people. I am very disappointed in you :( and I love your blog! Please please make a post about norway!

  5. Bernice B Vergara

    yeah tweets was out yesterday =( ohh well least we’ll remember her birds nest…..i meant her hair and everything stuck in it!

  6. I was totally shocked about this news, too. Of course the events in norway are also really terrible… Anyway, you choose a nice picture to remember her. That’s the Amy we should keep in good memory.


  7. Why should a fashion blogger write a post about the terrorist attacks in Norway?

    What happened there is really terrible and sad and my heart goes out to the families of all the victims..
    But I don’t think a fashion blog is where I want to read about it…

    That being said I don’t think it’s also where I want to read about the death of a pop star.. But I guess that’s the difference between a magazine and a blog..
    There are no rules or off-limit topics..

    It’s not about what the readers want, it’s about what touches the blogger personally and what they feel they have something to say about.

  8. i really like ur blog and i see you as being intelligent and informed about world events. please say something about norway and not just amy!

  9. She was incredible, I could NOT believe she is really dead:(

    PS: děkuju za komentář.) Jsem ráda, že se ti líbí a budu moc ráda, jestli budeš i followovat:)

  10. Over fucking 100 people died in Norway and you whine over a stoner’s (uhm not so unexpected) death!? Of course it’s terrible, no one deserves to die etc, but seriously– I don’t care if it doesn’t belong in a fashion blog, teenagers were trapped on an island and shot to death by a man who tricked them into thinking they were safe by saying he was a cop AND a freaking bomb were detonated in the capital of one of the world’s most neutral countries. Is it just me who thinks this is more important, fashion blog or not!? Respect: gone, unfortunately…

  11. It is typically American to choose to write about a celebrity that affect her own death than to write about a major disaster in Scandinavia. What can I say … I feel more compassion for the innocent youth. And I hope that you do it to.

  12. I actually feel really hurt that you would post this and completely forget to mention by ONE SINGLE word the colossal tragedy that caused ap 100 young lives… I used to enjoy reading your blog. not anymore.

  13. Yeeesh BB, you really are receiving backlash for not acting as CNN here. I suppose he should be writing about the debt ceiling next? Amy Winehouse has posthumously become a fashion and music icon hence why choosing to observe her death is appropriate.

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