Ab In Die Front Row!

Written By bryanboy

I don’t speak German but I can if you like.

Glamour Germany, Ab In Die Front Row

My reader Emily emailed me scanned images from German Glamour magazine’s July issue. They cheekily paid tribute to their favourite characters on the Front Row: the Anna trifecta (Wintour, Dello Russo and Piaggi), me, Tavi amongst others. Although I no longer wear heels anymore, I thought the styling was cheeky, approachable and very commercial. And fun!

Click click click!

Anna Wintour-inspired look at Glamour Germany
Bryanboy-inspired look at Glamour Germany
Anna Dello Russo-inspired look at Glamour Germany
Tavi-inspired look at Glamour Germany
Get Anna Piaggi and Anna Dello Russo's look
Get Anna Wintour, Beth Ditto and Bryanboy's look


  1. Oh, I absolutely love these! Love how they styled “you.” They all do bear a striking resemblance!

  2. Why aren’t you wearing heels anymore? I think they looked so good on you! I’m a guy and I have started to drool over a pair of heels and I would like to hear your thought of them (make a post!!). Thanks. :) Love you, BB!

  3. KatMaan Durante

    i think it’s more chic and streamlined that BB replaced heels with stylish guy shoes. :)

  4. KatMaan Durante

    they did a really good job in dressing up the model. her androgynous look is just fab plus the shades and black bag are a BB trademark. nice job!

  5. they mispelled you bryanboy. they wrote brianboy.
    but it’s ok. the model looks like you.
    she copied your mouth very well. hehehe.
    sooo cute.

  6. Hi, I’m a brand spanking new blogger on your site and loving the amount of print you wear.This spread is unbelievably funny, but really loving the suggested footwear for you, they might have something there,I think I could go for a man wearing hardcore leather wedges there is something very historical and greek about that look, in my opinion.I enjoyed reading your elephant ride post, my father is from Nepal, but I was brought up here, my first ride on an elephant was with my 2yr old son and my dad,my son fell asleep and peed himself and the elephant charged at a Rhino, I never forgot it!

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