I don’t speak German but I can if you like.

Glamour Germany, Ab In Die Front Row

My reader Emily emailed me scanned images from German Glamour magazine’s July issue. They cheekily paid tribute to their favourite characters on the Front Row: the Anna trifecta (Wintour, Dello Russo and Piaggi), me, Tavi amongst others. Although I no longer wear heels anymore, I thought the styling was cheeky, approachable and very commercial. And fun!

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Anna Wintour-inspired look at Glamour Germany
Bryanboy-inspired look at Glamour Germany
Anna Dello Russo-inspired look at Glamour Germany
Tavi-inspired look at Glamour Germany
Get Anna Piaggi and Anna Dello Russo's look
Get Anna Wintour, Beth Ditto and Bryanboy's look