A Simple Hello Can Lead To A Hundred Smiles And Hugs

Written By bryanboy

Earlier this morning, I seem to have crossed paths countless of times with this young boy at the Amber Fort here in Jaipur. It’s interesting because the Amber Fort is H-U-G-E. On the tenth or so time we saw each other, he came up and said hello. I don’t know if he was following me or what have you but I ignored his greetings. He could be a baby hawker, for all you know. And then I saw him yet another time. After he said hello, I thought it wouldn’t hurt if I said hi back. So I did. He just stood there and smiled at me. I didn’t know what to do or say next — he barely spoke any English. He was adorable so I asked, using sign language, if I could photograph him and if I could get a photo with him. He nodded. I gave my camera to my bf and he said “I knew you were gonna do that!”. Took this cute shot of him, said thanks, and before you know it, he grabbed my hand, led me to and friend (could be a family member, too) and his mother who photographed us. A minute or two later, their whole group, women and children wanted a photograph with me! Instant tourist attraction right then and there. Who knew Prada’s bananas had universal appeal? Barely anyone spoke a word except hugs, smiles and clicks of a camera or cellphone button were exchanged in the end.

Little boy in Jaipur

Click click click! BTW, keep an eye out for the pretty girl wearing stripes. She’s GORGEOUS!

Bryanboy with little boys in Jaipur
Bryanboy as goodwill ambassador
Bryanboy with children in Jaipur
Bryanboy with women and children at Amber Fort in Jaipur
Bryanboy with women and children in Jaipur

I think I found my true purpose in life. Bryanboy Goodwill Ambassador is dat chu?


  1. that is what i call a genuine smile! it is not a fashion smile, it is a happy warm smile! i love those pictures and of course the colorful outfits of everybody!

  2. This is the first time I see a ‘humanitarian’, they must have though you were some kind of celebrity!

  3. wow that girl really is beautiful, reminds me a bit of Natalia Vodianova if you will!

  4. hey B BOY.. hope u r emjoying india .. indian people and indian food !
    glad that u r in India.. thats where i am !! xoxo

  5. Ååhh underbara bilder! Och vilken söt berättelse :) Du borde le oftare! Du är så extra snygg då ;) <3, Jowie

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