You Owe It To Your Fans

Written By bryanboy

Remember Jonathan Taylor Tomas aka JTT? Devon Sawa? Brad Renfo? Larisa Oleynik? I used to read Tiger Beat and Teen Beat and obsessed with all these starlets back in the day. I even had centerfolds posted on my bedroom wall. Oh, the memories. All these trashy youth magazines published their agents’ mailing addresses and I remember sending fan mail every month. All I wanted from them was an autographed photo and of course, none of them wrote back. Fast forward a decade or so later, my oh my, the tables have turned, under different circumstances.

Photographers at Kenzo fall winter 2011 fashion show in Paris

I know many a blogger, myself included, who sometimes feel like packing up and calling it a day because of the horrible, unreasonable demands by our audiences. The sense of entitlement coming from readers lately is very disturbing and disheartening. I’ve desensitized myself when it comes to personal attacks (another day at the office as they say) but when people attack my work or the way I work, that’s when it hits the most because I’ve dedicated most of my time towards it. Why are you so slow updating? How dare you not update in days? Why have you changed the way you blog? Why haven’t you replied to my emails? Why don’t you want to follow me on twitter? Why aren’t you replying to my tweets? Why won’t you accept my facebook request? Why is your content so different now than what it was three years ago? Why do you have ads? Why do you have lots of ads? Why can’t you post more pictures? Why can’t you post better pictures?

Click click click to continue.

All perfectly valid and legitimate questions which are welcome (if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen as they say) but what irks me is when someone signs them off with the golden phrase “you owe it to your fans” or other variations of it: “you owe your success to your readers”, “you are nothing without your readers”, “your readers made you famous”, so on and so forth.

Woah, woah, woah, easy there Debbie Downer!

Owe what exactly?

First off, I love my readers. I really do, hands-down. I’m very grateful. I also love my soon-to-be 100,000 twitter followers. I love interacting with them, both online and in real-life. It brings me so much joy talking to the people who read me. I’m curious who’s behind the other end of the computer screen, looking at my pictures, reading my blogs and tweets etc. I’ve opened up different avenues for my readers to contact me from the start. My contact information — email addresses, social media addresses, etc. are online. At one point, I even published my phone numbers and have encouraged people to call. Whenever I go out in public, I swear I always, ALWAYS get emails, tweets and messages how people saw me but they were shy to approach me. I reply to them saying they’re silly, I don’t bite, etc. When people DO approach me, I try my absolute best to be incredibly gracious, accommodating and nice.

While most of my interactions with my readers have been pleasant, I’ve also had my share of dealing with the cray crays. Case in point — I was at a bar in Paris a few weeks ago and this Italian woman came up and cornered me, grabbed my arm, clung to me like a leech, smudged her goth-like makeup on her cheeks to mine. She said she was a reader, she kept screaming “I love Bryanboy!” repeatedly to my embarassment. She peppered me with all these comments and questions (I must admit it was rather amusing to have someone intoxicated explain what fashion is…at 3AM). I had a very hard time politely expelling myself out of the situation.

Two seasons ago, some NYC-based photographer (and blogger) emailed me in the middle of Fashion Week, asking if I could take time out DURING the shows to take my photograph for some personal project of his, for nix. I didn’t see his email until after fashion week, when I randomly checked my spam folder. Because I wasn’t able to reply in time, he took my lack of response personal and I made it on his shit list since. He called me a jerk on twitter and blocked me before I tried to send him a reply.

Sometimes I feel like I made myself too accessible for my own good. I’m sure it would have been different if I had a wall protecting me from unwanted intruders and only made myself accessible to the people I want to be accessible to.

Readers have this sense of entitlement because they falsely believe they own or made a blogger. Visiting a blog whether once, twice or repeatedly over the years may have contributed to one’s perceived popularity, perhaps, but they don’t give anyone stake of ownership or right to control. Someone’s blog will continue to exist as long as a blogger chose to do so. A personal style blogger who becomes popular by religiously posting photos of herself online made her and her alone — her personal style generated her legions of followers. Take away her personal style and she won’t have readers. But will her blog continue to exist? Followers or no followers, if she’s passionate on what she does, then yes. Same with street-style bloggers. A street-style blogger who becomes popular by posting photos of other people online made him and him alone — he has the eye that’s why he built a following. Take away that eye and he’ll be another street style blogger.

As a blogger, you give one cookie to your readers, two cookies if they are special. But what about those who demand that you give the entire jar and the very few who ask that you give the baking tray, too? The belief that they are owed something based on their expectations is unreasonable and irritating. Those who don’t have the power to get what they want should never manipulate the blogger to get it their way because the blogger-reader relationship doesn’t work like that. My blog is my ship. I’m the captain and my readers are my passengers. Thank you for joining me aboard but nonetheless, the ship will still go on whether there are passengers or not. It’s my space, it’s my creative outlet and only I can steer the wheels to whichever direction I want. Want to go to another place outside my itinerary? Then pack your spring/summer 2011 Dior, your Karlie Kloss barbie doll and take the Royal Caribbean cruise line instead.

A reader emailed me a few weeks ago how I’ve become less of a bitch than what I was years ago. Guess what — I have seen the light and moved on. Why, pray tell, would anyone want to be a bitch? Bitch by all means if necessary but unwarranted bitching on the internet to get attention is a thing of the past, a very old trick. I don’t know about you but it’s embarrassing bitching about someone and then meeting them in person. There’s no pleasure in that. You may have received some sick and twisted pleasure reading through my bitching in the past but pleasure on my expense is no longer part of the menu. Life is so much peaceful and colourful championing the people, the things, the experiences and the situations you like rather than going through the headaches of paying attention to the ones you don’t. I don’t want people to only follow me because it’s entertaining to watch a trainwreck waiting to combust any time. I want people to follow me because I share my experiences and bits and pieces of my life and it inspires them.

Put yourself in the shoe of your favourite blogger and think what they’re life is like. The illusion that things are all fabulous and glamorous and fine makes it very easy to overlook the lack of time spent with loved ones, the non-stop traveling, the expenses, the endless tears on skype, the sleepless days and nights working on content, the pressures of trying to be relevant, the stress dealing with business obligations and such. Fascinating how you have some frustrated readers who complain about advertising or accusing you of being a sell-out when it’s the ads that sometimes give the bloggers resources to produce more material for the reader to feast on. Bloggers sacrifice so much and give away parts of their life because they are extremely passionate with their work yet the readers are all about take, take, take, take it their way away.

What makes every blogger unique is their identity. A blogger who caves in to each and every single one of their fans’ and readers’ desire and whim will end up having a questionable one. Is it your identity or is it your fans’? Is your blog still your voice? Do you only blog only to serve your fans’ demands? Are you a puppet?

Blogs are not “Choose Your Own Adventure” books where you get to choose what happens next.

I liken browsing blogs to watching television. It’s all entertainment to me.

If you don’t like the show or the artist, grab the remote control and flip through other channels.

If you really dislike someone’s blog or find it tiresome, go somewhere else! Time is very precious. Why waste your time going back to blogs you dislike or blogs that no longer give you what you want? Are you a masochist? Why go through the agony? Perhaps a trip to the shrink is long overdue. Being a bi-polar sadist and deliberately going back to a blog you don’t like for the sole purpose of ruffling a blogger’s feathers is waste of time.

There’s no such thing as the perfect blog. Blogs evolve and change the way bloggers do the same with their lives. Blog entries mirror the blogger’s present. The point of view that’s being presented reflects the point of view of the moment. There will always be a time when a moment is more (or less) interesting than others. It’s also a never-ending battle to remain relevant and in order to do so, one must move on from the old, one must always live and cherish the present, one must always look forward to (and if possible, create) the future.

With all of that being said, let’s talk about Elizabeth & James silk shorts!


  1. As I said on twitter! Please don’t change your fashion identity, love the fact that it is so unique and out there. As I said before, you had me when you were wearing that MBMJ dress and sitting in a bag. I guess this is what they call ‘the toll of fame’.

    Oh and about that woman, don’t worry, it was embarrassing, not for you, but for her

  2. Agree. Everything you wrote is so true. Bloggers really do put so much time and effort and quality into what they do, just for their readers. And some readers really do just take, take, take, and they just want more, more, more. If only some of those readers knew what running a blog was like, i think they would be a little more considerate. Those readers dont realize how much stress and strain there is to running a blog, and i feel that is they did know, they wouldnt complain nearly as much as they do.

  3. I am with you!! At last I could post! I guess I already told you what i felt via Twitter (FarahMesa)…keep on bloggin, keep having fun and keep cruisin…the good ones will be cruisin with you!

  4. Wow That’s a lot of Reading! And I am Not That Fond of Reading
    But did it Anyway…Who Knows Why!
    A certain Paragraph up there reminded me of Eminem’s Song, STAN.
    It’s Obvious That Someone’s Popularity is Largely thanks to His/Her Personal Effort.You may make one person Unhappy But Keep in mind
    that 10 more is having a Blast reading Your Blog.
    I firmly believe that Change for the Good Can Never Be WRONG!
    Long Life To You Blog

  5. Wow That’s a lot of Reading!
    A certain Paragraph up there
    reminded me of Eminem’s Song, STAN.
    It’s Obvious That Someone’s Popularity is
    Largely thanks to His/Her Personal Effort.
    You may make one person Unhappy But Keep in mind
    that 10 more is having a Blast reading Your Blog.
    I firmly believe that Change for the Good Can Never Be WRONG!
    Long Life To You Blog

  6. Fantastic post, Bryan! You write so beautifully about a topic that could be so sensitive and controversial. I hope you remember that most of us aren’t like that – I for one would never take it personally if I tweeted you and you didn’t reply (in fact that has been the case once or twice). Of course you’re extremely busy and I’m sure you get 100s if not 1000s of tweets per day. I hope you feel better having got that off your chest.

  7. You have my back! I would not continue following your blog if I did not find it interesting, and it did not gave me inspiration. It does, and they way I see it, I owe YOU something for putting the colorful you out there and inspire me in a normally gray world. Thank you!

  8. Que haba! But it’s all good! Ganyan talaga, when you’re up there, they will try to pull you down! Deadma ka na lang!

  9. All I have to say is well said. I love you no matter what. :) Years ago and now and in the future, Bryanboy is still bryanboy. People need to lay off.

  10. I agree with you for the most part. Blogging seems stressful and I have to give you props for being one of the most open bloggers out there. At the same time, I feel bloggers do owe SOME of their “successes” to their fans and I appreciate those who acknowledge this. Why else is it that bloggers (aka normal people) get sent free designer clothes or invited to fashion shows and have the opportunities to live out their fashion dreams that would otherwise take AGES to reach? Look at blogs with high readership and compare to blogs with low readership. There’s obviously a difference in opportunity. I’m sure most readers just want to hear more about your life/see your outfits – which may come across as nutzo when they try to justify it.

  11. I don’t usually comment; however, this has been something that’s been on my mind for a while. And the whole issue of accessibility and catering to the readers, I have found, applies also to a lot of other people, and I’m glad you brought it up. Judge me if you want by this, but my guilty pleasure is k-pop music. A lot of the idols in the groups have this pressure from their entertainment companies to always cater to the fans; the usual “the customer is always right” spiel. This means apologizing for their own crazy fans to something as extreme as not pressing charges when an anti-fan poisons you (it’s happened). Having to constantly bend to the wills and pressures of the client/fan/reader is something that can be too much to ask from any human being. So yeah, I’m glad you brought this up, as it really struck home. Anyways, sorry for rambling and thanks for the post!

  12. True True True. I don’t know why people care so much about celebrities (which include Tv stars, youtube and blogger celebs) these days! They should be happy to be able to talk with them and be so cloase to them but instead they’re always complaining. Those people who complain are jealous in 100 per cent of the case and cannot deal with it! Why not mbe happy for the person you look up too? Why all the negative emotions and hate? I don’t get it! Unfortunately, I believe it will get worse in the next few years.
    I love your style, writing style and happy for you whenever you get to be around something spectacular such as Fashion Week. Blogging should be about positive feelings and to escape the world which is full of bad news and negative feelings. Thank you.

  13. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have followed you for years and have enjoyed seeing your growth from a blogger with attitude and fun handbag pictures to being taken up in the whirlwind of the fashion industry and telling us all the good and bad that goes with it.
    Most average people think success/fame doesn’t come with lots of work, only because they only see the end result. You’ve shared the good and the bad which has been very enlightening. I’m sorry that people don’t seem to recognize your hard work, give you a hard time for it and demand so much more.
    Your venting in this post was totally necessary and even though those demanding readers likely will ignore it, you will be stronger for having posted it. While I’m not ready for my photography to go even a fraction of anywhere as you have gone so far, this post has made me feel more secure and ready if it does!
    Thank you and cheers from Austin, Texas!

  14. Hear hear hear. I have one guy in partic who professes to hate my blog, who I have blocked on Twitter, yet who goes online to read my feed, stalks my blog and fills his feed with offensive comments about me. Clearly he is mentally ill, and I am hardly going to have my self-belief rocked by someone so clearly ill, or feel crushed that a banal writer crits my writing, but it’s still hurtful, nonetheless.

    Anyway, onwards & upwards. See you in Firenze next week! LLGXX

  15. Bryan , You’re awesome ! I like that you can express how you are feeling on various situations. Although I’m a new comer, No I wasn’t a reader years ago. But I do say that sometimes it takes change to do something better. You are only one person because you can’t please the entire world they think you can. It takes many that don’t like it to bring more that truly do care for what you do as a person, blogger , etc. You define what you do and keep going. You have my back like two spy’s on a top secret mission. (laugh)

    Well have a great day and stay fashionable

    – Darius

  16. I’m saying this from the bottom of my heart, no hating purpose whatsoever, but I must say it’s true what they say about you having changed the way you blog… you were much funnier back then. well you were actually funny. I would always laugh really hard back then whenever I read any of your entries, when you hadn’t still changed your whole blog design and, of course, your writing style. well I guess it’s a natural cycle, you’ve got more professional and inevitably more boring. you were original, hilarious and unique back then. Nowadays you’re just another serious fashion blogger.

  17. Bryanboy you are absolutely right!!! The work you do is fantastic and your passion really shines and your readers really really appretiate it!! Keep up the good work! :D love and electronic hugs!!! -Elissa

  18. Totally agree, I have been following your blog for a while now and as much as I love the photos and your style, I also really like reading your opinions and adventures. There are other blogs that I used to follow but no longer do as I have moved on and they are no longer relevant to me but I would never write to them to say such horrible things or expect that they should do exactly as I want, the blog content is completely at the discretion of the blogger and why would I even want to read someone who is exactly the same as me? That would seem kind of pointless. Keep going as you are Bryan, you are amazing. – Kelly

  19. Clap clap clap! Well said :) Personally I don’t get offended or hurt whenever my “IDOLS” didn’t reply on my tweets or emails. I saw you last time with another super blogger I did not approach you guys because I want to respect your privacy. Anyways cheers! Love you Bryanboy keep on rockin!

  20. Wow, what a roller coaster ride of a post! I felt myself loving you, then hating you, then loving you again, then kinda hating you, then back to thinking you are great and appreciating what you do and the hard work.
    I must say though that you are kinda like a rock star now and we all know how much we hate it when rock star’s complain about their popularity.
    Think you need to suck it up a bit and be forever grateful that you are able to do what you do, even with the hard work and sacrifices. Life is the choices we make. Trust me, so many of us work just as hard as you and are not where you are today.

    – A loyal fan

  21. I’ve been following you since day one and have never asked for any “cookies” from your draw and this is my 1st comment on you blog, I don’t know maybe my second. And while this is all great and very true, stop complaining, count your blessings, and move on…it only brings more attention to a ego based issue. xo

  22. This is why I read you bryanboy. your real kasi unlike some other bloggers out there. keep on blogging because your readers love you just the way you are!

  23. Please keep on with your amazing blog, you give me inspiration to continue to believe that fashion is fun. Your work is so notable an amazing, people adimere you so much and respect you as well. Please contnue to share amazing photos of your style and your opinions on fashion. It is because of your hard work that you are on the top. I read your blog for many years and I never comment on any post but I thought this time I should. Please Bryanboy keep on rocking the fashion world!!!!

  24. Hello Bryanboy. You have brought an incredible amount of perspective to those who often stare and refuse to consider the other side of the photograph–in which case has led to their inconsiderate behaviour towards you. It is an absolute priviledge that you offer yourself to your readers, and, with the cookie jar analogy, I apologize on behalf of all your readers for this appalling behaviour. You truly are an icon, and although I am not one, I understand through your perspective how difficult the demand to be such the influential and much adored blogger that you are.

    Having been a long time reader of your blog, I have noticed the maturity and the phenomenal articulation of your thoughts. I want to re-assure you that your content is always relevant, intriguing, and highly-sought after–not one ounce of exageration.

    I am proud to state that your blog was the first that I came to read, to like, and devote to reading. I extend many gracious thanks for sharing your journey to different cities, the front row and backstage experience, and most importantly, for sharing who you are. I have seen the world change (fashion, equity movement, development of entire industry never before considered a necessity) since your recognition, and we all know you played a significant role with helping the world move towards this positive direction.

    I thank you for every moment that you share, and every word that you write.

  25. Elax Santos

    i often think that you are underestimated of being just witty. so let it be said that eloquence and intelligence is clearly you’re strong suit of course aside from your ever evolving personal style. i never had it in me to be mad at a blogger for forgetting to update us with their posts when we religiously follow them. sure there’s a disappointment, you may say a sense of fleeting loss but hell, you are just as human as i am. you have a life to live too. so screw those readers who don’t understand that. stay YOU. it really pleases me that you make our celtic name proud- there’s strength in you… and like the glitter that you sweat you go let it shine! can we now move on to that silk shorts?

  26. I feel you! As a small time blogger of sorts, I’d love to meet the people who appreciate what I do, but it’s a pity some see that as a cry for attention. ‘the ship will still go on whether there are passengers or not.’ I like that analogy.

  27. Grace Sánchez

    You write beautifully. You fashion sense is unique. I don’t see a reason to change any of it. Reader from Spain !

  28. I just started my own fashion blog. and you’re my inspiration bryanboy. I feel you! you should expect the unexpected, people are different in their own ways, it’s like business, the first day you’re in, the next day you’re out. in like manner, there are fans who’d love you first then talk trashy bout you the next. All i can say as one of your fans is to keep a positive attitude in everything. i appreciate your BLOG so much and i understood your angst. Be happy, Bryan Boy.

  29. Bryanboy I think you ROCK! I have read our whole content. Just keep on doing as you pleases…If you don’t update, it is ALL GOOD! Don’t mind the haters, I love your blog and I think you are a remarkable person, that is why I follow you! big kiss from amsterdam! Anna

  30. Hello! I think what you write it’s true: the blogger owns his/her blog, the readers don’t own him or her, because they just read, comment, etc. … but who is actually talented is the blogger. This is my opinion.
    Thanks for being a good blogger, I like your blog.

  31. Thank you for telling people what they NEED to hear! You are very well-spoken, and I don’t think this post was a moment too soon. I stop by from time to time, and you ALWAYS have updates, unique fashion insight, and awesome pictures; I’m sure people have no idea how much time it takes! Keep up the ggod work!! :)

  32. Marcela Hernandez

    like I said before ! Bryan is the most honest fashion blogger ever! I love his post like this they show his personality he is amazing ! and nobody will never do a better job than him because Fashion is the subject you know best bryan !!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I think you’re kind of all over the place with this post; hard to comment on/pin point just one aspect of it. Bottomline is that you’re no longer the same and that is fine; embrace the new BryanBoy and move on, don’t criticize the readers who miss the old times and express so, you come cross as rude and ungrateful. People don’t like changes. Eventually they’ll get used to the new format, languages, style, etc.
    But I have to say that I laughed out loud when I read your post about how obsessed you were with the new mini Miss Wu (by Jason Wu) bag for Pre-Fall 2011 and then I go to the Style By Kling and she’s talking about the exact same bag. Your readers are far from stupid.
    Then you say “Thank you for joining me aboard but nonetheless, the ship will still go on whether there are passengers or not.” Yes, but without passengers there no hits, no advertisers, no red carpet, no front row…
    You’re no longer just a boy in a womenswear posting fun pictures on your blog, you are a brand now, you’re represented by a PR company. Own it and thank the gods for that Marc Jacobs video.

  34. congrats on becoming big enough, successful enough for people to take time out of their day to comment on ‘your’ life! it comes with the territory…public figures get slammed, demanded upon, expectations are unrealistic, etc… if you don’t want it, scale down, otherwise, suck it up, enjoy the pressure and success and stay true to yourself and keep going! bravo!

  35. Congratulations on putting all those blog bingeing morans in their place. I dont really come on BryanBoy alot partually because you put to many videos on but neverthe less i still like your style, i am also a blogger it is very irritating when readers demand to much of you for the past two months i have travelled around the globe whilst designing my own clothing label – House of Pirez and working on The Pirez foundation which gives back to the homesless that i havnt even spent time with my loved ones. People think that you get paid sick loads of money to blog but the reality is i have two full time jobs, i blog in my spare time whilst trying to cvommit to ending projects but NEVER do i complain…
    Keep up the good work Mr. xx Just Pirez xx

  36. I comepletely agree with what you’re saying. I myself being a reader (for a while now too) have enjoyed watching you and your blog grow and evolve and I support you every step of the way. You are truly an inspiration and a role model to me and I hope you continue to do what you do. You are beautiful. ♥

  37. Hazen Andrews

    Love this post, you’re right on with everything that you say. I’m an avid blog reader and respect every blogger for what they are willing to put out there and the opinions that they have. It’s easy for a lot of readers to judge what they view, but it takes a lot more courage and effort for you to put it out there for thousands upon thousands of people to see. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t let them get you down. Personally, I love your blog, keep up the great work!


  38. Congrats on your newfound success Bryanboy. I feel you when you complain about undue pressure. However, I do feel like your blog has changed a lot and has gotten more polished and professional at the expense of spontaneity and quirk. This might be viewed as a fault by some, but I’d imagine the majority of people see it as an evolution… like you stated so eloquently in this blog. Nonetheless, know that the lovers far outweigh the haters! Keep the “faggotry in motion”!

  39. yup…no one can force you to be this or that or whatever but we are still entitled to our opinion that you used to be better. Now it’s just another blog, not a bad blog but an ok one.

    And nothing you say can change the fact that where you are today has alot to do with people following you for years. THAT my friend cannot change. Meeting Marc Jacobs? with all the traffic to the site, who knew who BB is/was?

  40. WORD! Go Bryanboy! We love you no matter what! Ako masaya na ko sa isang cookie! =)

  41. Jogels

    You’ve Inspired people for many years and you are still that Cute Funny Boy for me who took photos of himself and those cray cray Videos! you just keep on Blogging! Because we will always love to read your posts! JUST WERQ! Support pa rin ang mga beking readers mo detetch!

  42. Wow you’re still that Bryanboy I read all those years ago. Power to you.Keep the “faggotry in motion”!

  43. While I understand why you felt the need to write this, I say it’s totally unnecessary. You’re an accomplished blogger, living a life others dream of. If you have demanding fans, then it comes with the territory. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown”. Even with the disclaimers in this post, it comes off as petty and whiny. I mean no disrespect, I love what you do, but seriously, it’s just fashion. It’s just a blog. And negativity comes with the territory, no need to break your stride to address the few hecklers in the audience!

  44. DigManila

    WAPAK….. Smacked stra8 to them bitches faces.. They are just hating dahil sikat ka na.. At like sa sinabe mo, feeling nila SILA ANG GUMAWA SA iyo. Sumikat ka dahil sa trabaho/gawa mo. Magiging fan ba sila in the first place kung indi maganda ang ginagawa mo? Happy for you kabayan..

  45. Evan Font

    GooD pOSt BryAN… yOu ARE a haRd WorKER.. ;)… NicE fOR YOu!!!

  46. very well said. :) haters should just leave if they have nothing good to say. you’re that fab so they envy you so much that they’re not in your shoes. keep it up! your ship’s as chic as you are, let ’em haters sink. lol :)

  47. What you said in your post reminded me of what my mother-in-law said to me the other day in one of our heart to hearts. She said,”people will always feel indebted to others and that’s fine and important, but also, it’s good to remember that YOU show up everyday too and YOU put just as much effort into everything if not more. We have to thank ourselves too”.

    I’m 100% sure YOU worked hard to get to where you’re at. Congrats and keep up the awesome job!

  48. Well said! “Don´t let the world bring you down. Not everyone here is that fucked up and cold.” (Incubus) Love from Brazil.

  49. Hi. Greetings from Malaysia. i was a new reader of your blog and i must say you have a mature mentality that bring to where you are right now. and that’s why i am following your blog. don’t know how is my comment gonna be relevant to your post but all i want t say is that, ” I LOVE YOUR BLOG!”

  50. You are a huge inspiration and I couldn’t love you more if I tried. I’ve been reading your blog for a few year and it’s easy to see that you have grown and matured as a person and if some people can’t handle that, they clearly aren’t wort the time and effort. Thankyou for being you!

  51. You rock on, Bryanboy! I have been following your blog for years now and it is great to see you what you have accomplished. I am always very happy whenever I see people progress and have succes. And you ALWAYS bring a smile to my face. ALWAYS.

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