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Written By bryanboy

I bought these spring/summer 2011 runway coffee bean and mocha printed Dries van Noten trousers a few weeks ago in Paris.

Dries van Noten pants spring summer 2011 menswear

With all the sales going on, why is it so hard to find a decent top to match the printed trouser? I was thinking of something along the same colour family, perhaps a lightweight silk/cashmere blend, round-neck sweater in coffee bean… but where oh where? I want to avoid camel/beige shades… I’m not yet ready to go retro. ;-)


  1. I think you’re ready for retro, You could easily pull it off. However if you dont want to, the coffee been round neck sweater sounds nice. (For some dd reason i have a feeling your Prada banana print shirt would look good with this..)

  2. oh beebee,i love these! this print plays a trick to your eyes. if you look at it again, there’s a grey dot that fades in and out of the intersections. so, maybe grey?

  3. equipment have exactly the shirts your looking for…..more silk than silk/cashmere but you can pull it off and theyll do well both in the spring summer and fall winter

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