Tufi Duek Spring Summer 2012

Written By bryanboy

Here’s the view from my seat at the tribal-inspired Tufi Duek spring/summer 2012 fashion show in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


  1. Bryan ! this collection is absolutely brilliant. I do so love the tribal inspired garments that were on the Runway.

    Sao Paulo did a great good !

  2. Well not so impressive collection, great inspiration though but it come up with thatt?!. Clothes look cheap… still i love you bryanboy! =D

  3. i love the latest Tufi Duek collection. it’s as tribal as you say it is. the armlets(arms+bracelet) are the final touches. mi mucho gusto! ahhh! pls visit my site daniimodafolli.blogspot.com fro my ryan reynolds review.. haha ahhh!!

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