Through The Eyes Of A Child

Written By bryanboy

I went to the marvelous Agra Fort earlier this afternoon. Took a photo of this beautiful Indian girl, who must be around 6 or 7 years old, in a white dress. While her parents and siblings were busy taking photos of each other, there she was, by herself, admiring Jahangiri Mahal from a distance. She seemed to be at peace. I wonder what’s going on inside her head.

Little girl looking at Janhangiri Mahal, Agra Fort


  1. I’ve been visiting your site for a few months now. You take very beautiful photos but this one has got to be my favourite so far.

  2. hey ! I really really really hope and am pretty sure you’ve noticed by now just how COLORFUL a country India is. Random, mostly very poor women women on the street are in the most vibrant colors in sarees or other traditional Indian clothes. They may not be Prada, Gucci, Zanotti etc, but PLEASE capture something like that! Women are often wearing ‘bright neons’ without ever having heard of anything called VOGUE! Enjoy India X

  3. Hands down for the amazing picture and for bringing in the story behind the picture. It’s beautiful!

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