The Next Style Correspondent

Written By bryanboy

Are you a fashion enthusiast? Ever dreamed of going to THE shows? Nokia and ELLE Magazine joined forces as they search for the next Style Correspondent. Eight finalists are going to be sent to New York Fashion Week this September and will have the chance to go to the shows, interview designers and more!


Visit Nokia’s facebook page ( for more information and upload a photo of yourself wearing a great, stylish outfit. Round 1 ends on June 21, 2011 — that’s less than a week away!


  1. Wow! So cool, i enjoy watching the video. And it’s good to see the great ideas of Elle Magazine and Nokia together. Hoping to see more successful projects from them. I’ll surely follow your new feeds. =)

  2. Paulo Franco

    I’m glad to see that the city of São Paulo is a good place for you. I was yesterday at Club Gloria, and saw you with Andrej Pajic. Be entertained?

  3. I love the video! I will definitely join and see what happens! Thanks for sharing! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!
    Check out my trendy blog!

  4. Oh my goodness ! I can’t believe this… I will be entering this because it would be a big opportunity to be able to attend the shows that I always wanted to see. I’m very optimistic about this project that they have done.

  5. iam from brazil and iam loving your website and iam so glad that u love my city !!! saopaulo is fabulouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus and u will live the night life here

  6. Hi Bryan! Thank you for sharing the information with us, I’ve just joined!!
    I love your blog so from now on I’m following you ;)

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