The Last D&G Men’s Shoes Ever

Written By bryanboy

As some of you guys know, Dolce & Gabbana will discontinue their much-beloved, youthful D&G diffusion line. Spring/summer 2012 is their last collection. I’m very sad of this development because D&G played a big role in my young years. From cowboy chic to garden party, D&G is a fun, colourful line that allowed Stefano and Domenico to experiment and take risks by taking on strong themes season after season.

D&G Dolce & Gabbana menswear shoes spring summer 2012

I took a photo of these shoes backstage at the D&G spring/summer 2012 show. I love the shape, the colours and the variety of prints. I want one in every shade/print possible! They look super comfy, too. I hope they hit the stores!


  1. Evan Font

    Great .!!!.. but it is unfair that this dream of # D & G ends … is impossible to believe this … It’s the best of Dolce and Gabbana ….

  2. D&G will be discontinued?!? arghh this is the saddest news I’ve heard all day. I love their Dolce and Gabbana line but as you say, D&G was fun and exciting and youthful!

  3. What?? I didn’t know that!! That’s quite sad! I love the youthfulness of the brand.. But maybe they’ll surprise us with something new?

  4. I had no idea that side of the brand was being dissolved… wretched recession! So glad you were on hand to document their final hurrah!

  5. Back in the mid-90s, D&G was such an inspiration and helped me dream about places where beauty, confidence and youth would exist forever. I still remember my first D&G purchase in Italy, after bullying my parents to give the money for that D&G item! It made me feel special, someone better than who I was, someone that I was aspiring to be. After all, this is what fashion is all about, dreaming away for it to become reality one day….

  6. Isabel Mondorf

    I love them too and would totally wear them, even as a woman. They look ueber comfortable and they’ll surely go with your style Bryan. Can’t wait til you get a pair (or a few). Still loving your site, DAILY! xoxo

  7. Thierry Amodru

    I’m sad too ! D&G line was so beautiful and young. Fortunately I was able to buy a cardigan from the fall winter collection last year !!

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