The Dinner at La Specola, Firenze

Written By bryanboy

My favourite online store Luisa Via Roma ( recently hosted a sit-down dinner for the third edition of the blogger-oriented Firenze4Ever event. The dinner (for 100) was held at the eye-popping La Specola (aka Museum of Zoology and Natural History) in Florence. My seatmate was my friend Wendy Lam of Facehunter Yvan Rodic, Eva and Daniele Cavalli, who I’ve finally met at last, were also in attendance. We were served scrumptious Tuscan cooking and yes, opera singers serenaded us throughout our meal.

Bryanboy at La Specola, Florence

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Bryanboy at the Luisa Via Roma Firenze4Ever dinner
Facehunter Yvan Rodic at the Luisa Via Roma Firenze4Ever dinner
Guests attending the Luisa Via Roma Firenze4Ever dinner
Sit down dinner
Traditional Tuscan Antipasto
Dinner at La Specola, Florence
Main course at the Firenze4Ever dinner at La Specola, Florence
Dessert at the Firenze4Ever dinner at La Specola, Firenze
La Specola Firenze
La Specola Florence, Italy


  1. Zatil Husna

    Hey, I love your pictures especially the 8th picture and I love your shades. They’re such a pretty baby!

  2. I love your blog; the inner creative side of me lives vicariously through you and reading about your adventures in fashion never fails to liven up my day.

    You look fabulous at this dinner and I am especially loving your shades! May I know what they are?


  3. so fabulous to see that our lovely Sofie is in one of your pics! still in love with that hat although not everybody would get away with it!

  4. AH, LOVE Luisa Via Roma, my European Correspondent also did a personal shopping experience with them while in Firenze for Pitti! You can check them out on my site. This dinner looks scrumptious! I love the team there. Camilla and Sabine, and the whole team are beyond fabulous, kind and helpful.

  5. LOVE Luisa Via Roma. My European Correspondent, Ashley Stefan had a personal shopping experience at Luisa. The whole team there specially Camilla are absolutely fantastic! LOVE THEM!

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