Because of the lifestyle and nature of my work, I am constantly surrounded by people. I talk to dozens, if not hundreds each day, online, real life and on the phone. Over the years, I’ve been extremely lucky to have met a ton of incredible and inspiring individuals from all walks of life around the world, some of them I personally admire. It’s one of the very many things that I truly love about my job.

Caffe Gilli, Florence

As much as I love interacting with people, there are times when I want to be disconnected from everyone to recharge myself. From time to time, it’s nice not to be with the company of others, whether physically or virtually. No friends, no acquaintances around, no laptop, no ipad, and no phones. I call it “alone time”. That’s exactly what I had yesterday. A meaty dinner (carpaccio to start and bun-less burger for main) at Gilli, two glasses of red, a few cigarettes and a stroll around Piazza della Repubblica at sunset. Life is not good. Life is very good.

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Gilli Piazza della Repubblica Firenze
Beef carpaccio at Gilli Firenze
Hamburger at Gilli Florence
Hotel Savoy and Rinascente Firenze
Carousel at Piazza della Repubblica, Florence
Florentine carousel lights
The arch of Pensione Pendini
View of Via Degli Strozzi, Florence at sunset.