Raquel & Moi

Written By bryanboy

I went backstage after yesterday afternoon’s Animale spring/summer 2012 show and guess who I met? Raquel Zimmermann! She flew in from New York specifically for the show.

Raquel Zimmermann at Animale spring summer 2012 fashion show in Sao Paulo, Brazil

She’s the ultimate. I always think of her as the model’s model — a complete thoroughbred with major staying power and has been around for quite some time. She’s very warm and friendly. I saw her taking photos with fans so I decided to approach her. Before I said a word, she asked if I was Bryanboy so I said yes, and she told me she reads my blog. SMH smacking my head. I DIED.


  1. BB you met Raquel! OMG. I can just imagine the pandamonium as all the photogs yelled Raquel, Bryan Boy, Raquel, Bryan BOY trying to get a photo of you. You guys looks wonderful :)

  2. The Icon CoNcierge

    I love when fashion industry insiders or people I admire recognize or know my work. HUGE ego boost, let’s you know it’s all worth it.

  3. Hi Bryan….Great having you on our backstage. Lets keep in touch…will continue our chat later by email. Btw, love ur trousers!!Paula Abud xx

  4. Definitely not another boring barbie girl, she’s stunning!. Love you Bryanboy! pls check out my blog too, i wrote something about you- volatilevino.blogspot . You are inspiration to me!

  5. that´s really cool she reads your blog …and yeaah I know the feeling when somebody tells you “hey you ,You´re the best !!” I´m proud of u :D

  6. She’s awesome! I so love her look, she look simple but elegant at the same time. Oh my! I can’t explain her beauty.


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