New Delhi Fabrication

Written By bryanboy

Earlier this afternoon, I dragged my beau (after a long flight from Munich) to a local tailor here in New Delhi because I wanted some garments made for myself. Because we’re such tourists, we opted for a tailor in Connaught Place.

tweed fabric for made to measure coat
suiting fabrics for made to measure suit

For 35,000 rupees (approximately US$780), I ordered two suits (jacket and trousers), two shorts (same fabric as the suit so I can wear the matching jacket if it’s too hot) and a coat.

My first fitting is on Monday. Let’s see how it works out in the end.


  1. Can’t wait to see how the suits will fit you! I’m sure it’ll be gorgeous!
    Love from Paris,
    Marine / Another fucking fashionista

  2. be careful, indian tailors won’t necessarily make it as fitted as you want, you have to really specify! also, what material is it? very nice!

  3. I agree with the above comment that “Blah” wrote. I lived in new delhi in 2009 and did fashion design there, make sure you are specific with what finishes you want as sometimes they can be poor quality and fall apart. I hope the garments turn out well. Delhi is my favourite place in the world.

  4. AH! I love having custom pieces made in Asia. You can get the fabric from the coastal cities in Italy and then bring it to China or India for expert tailoring. Everyone is so talented there and you CANNOT beat the prices! Cannot wait to see you styling your new pieces!

  5. hahahahha DARLING, good luck with getting them on time. Indian ‘darzis’ aka tailors are notorious for their lackadaisical approach at meeting deadlines. They take forever and some of them even ‘disappear’. After a year, I’m still waiting on my custom made peacock green velvet coat!!!!!!!!!!

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