Namaste, New Delhi!

Written By bryanboy

Namaste! I’m currently in India for a much-needed break. It’s been quite awhile since I last had a proper vacation.

Lotus Temple, New Delhi, India
Bahai House of Worship, Lotus Temple in New Delhi, India

I need to detach myself temporarily from work, my cellphones, the internet and fashion for the next two weeks.

My beloved partner is now en route to come here as well. He’s arriving tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to see him!

I’m allowed ONE hour of computer access each day so I have to use it very, very wisely. Due to contracts and commitments, I’ll use my time on the blog. I’m required to post one blog entry a day no matter what. As for the rest, well, don’t be surprised if I don’t reply to your emails straight away or if I’m not active on teh interwebs. Only urgent and time-sensitive emails are going to be prioritized. Mind you, I still have a lot of blog entries to make — overdue posts from my recent Florence, Sao Paulo and Milan trips.

I’m relishing the last remaining hours of internet access that I have. For now at least. When my bf arrives, we’re embarking on a long tour, think of a road trip, across northern India. We were thinking of going to Nepal as well, fingers-crossed.

Other than that, I think it’s gonna be a fun trip, hopefully a spiritual, inspirational and enlightening one at that.

Hang in there for me and I love you all as always.


  1. Have a grest time in India! Disconnect from the rest of world and enjoy your time!
    By the way – what’s the building in your pictures?

  2. Damn I know you have been posting more but having to post at least once a day must be quite a strain on the brain. I come up with 5-6 posts a month xD Enjoy yourself boo x

  3. That structure is Baha’i Temple (also known as Lotus Temple). Very serene n beautiful place.

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