Milano Reflections

Written By bryanboy

Out of all the times I’ve been to Milan, I must say this trip was the charming one.

Bryanboy inside a fashion truck on via Montenapoleone

I mostly visit Milano during fashion week, either menswear or womenswear. In spite of me visiting the city countless of times, I always go to the same places I go whenever I’m here. When you’re doing a day’s worth of shows and appointments, it’s hard to explore the city due to the lack of time. As soon as the last fashion show in Milan finishes, the first show in Paris begins and there’s very little downtime in between.

Click click click!

This season is different. I’ve stayed put in Milano, giving me the chance to get to know the city and some of its people a wee bit better.

I’m skipping the men’s collections in Paris this week because it’s my bf’s summer vacation. Instead of going to see Lanvin or Vuitton, we’re going on a two-week holiday somewhere very exotic. We need some quality time together. It’s been a few weeks since I last saw him in flesh and communication has been sparse because of my crazy schedule.

In the last thirty six hours, I —

  1. had lunch with my friend Fabian who quickly visited Milan from Hamburg
  2. visited Francesca Versace’s house where she gave a preview of her new handbag line
  3. went to Palazzo Reale with her where we saw both the Mimmo Paladino and Bob Kreiger exhibitions
  4. had dinner with Chace Crawford and the great Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli
  5. got seriously intoxicated with the endless shots of limoncello to the point of collapse. At Francesca’s couch. Ouch!
  6. woke up in my room, wondering how in the world I got home
  7. found my lost iPhone
  8. had an appointment with a designer
  9. had Lunch with Ivan Olita and his gorgeous girlfriend at Pane e Acqua where they introduced me to Rossana Orlandi
  10. visited Spazio Rossana Orlandi where I saw some of the most amazing interior objects
  11. shopped for last minute presents
  12. packed my bags and sent a few things back home.

I’ll share pictures over the next few days. I’m pressed for time and I have a plane to catch in a few hours.

Of course you’re wondering about Chace, yes, the star. I first met him the night prior at the Versace afterparty. Last night, I had dinner with him and five other people at Bagutta. What is there to say? He’s incredibly handsome, originally from Texas, he likes Just Jared, he gave his manager, Eric (who, btw, is the spitting image of what you imagine a Hollywood manager would be) a coffee maker as a gift, and he’s now somewhere in London. We both chuckled how the two of us ordered sambuca and the waiter totally forgot about it. Other than that, he’s calm and chill. It was great seeing him without the usual celebrity ‘game face’ on.

Yesterday wasn’t all about Chace though.

To me, it was all about art. It’s a different world I know very little (perhaps I should say ‘almost nothing) about.

Francesco Vezzoli opened my eyes a wee bit. I never really thought of blogging (well, mine at least) as a form of artistic expression. It’s a creative outlet, yes, but between you and me, I find nothing artistic in my work. He mentioned creating an online persona is pretty much like performance art. Or something to that effect.

Also, I love how Francesca Versace took me to Palazzo Reale. It’s the second time I went to a museum in Milan. The first was back in February when my boyfriend visited me during the womenswear shows where we quickly visited Castello Sforzesco.

Ditto when Ivan took me to Spazio Rossana Orlandi after lunch.

Earlier this afternoon, I asked myself — when did I last took a visitor back home to see art?

When people meet these days, it’s usually over drinks or a meal before both parties part ways.

When was the last time you brought someone to a museum… or to see something new and inspiring?

I can’t remember the last time I’ve met up with SOMEONE new and then proceeded by seeing SOMETHING new together.

It’s fascinating and very inspiring how knowledge is being passed.

Not only you learn about other people, you also learn about new things from other people.

Photo credit: Fabian


  1. um excuse me? arent you posting photos of THE Chase Crawford? I died at the end of your blog post oh my lord

  2. darling, i adore you but i’m sick and tired of that banana shirt. i know it’s prada, but it’s making me cringe already, love. i’m not against recycling clothes but don’t overdo it.


    concerned fan

  3. love spazio rossana orlandi and pane e acqua! used to go there a lot when i lived in milano :)

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