I Want It All And I Want It Now

Written By bryanboy

I’m currently in Milan with my old, Kiwi friend Isaac who’s also here for the menswear shows. I somehow caught the sick bug in Sao Paulo and here I am stuck with a nasty cold, cough, sore throat and fever. After drugging myself at the airport pharmacy with every imaginable over-the-counter pill, spray and lozenge available to mankind, I visited my beloved Prada and Church’s to stock up on fall/winter 2012 essentials. Yes kiddies, the lurex tops are now in stores! I bought a nifty lurex polo and of course, that shiny, green turtleneck which I had altered. Remind me to pick up my goodies later before the Roberto Cavalli show…


  1. Omg, I can’t believe u caught dengue in Sao Paulo! But did you like your stay in Brazil? Did you love the fasion week? Hope you’re doing fine! Xxo

  2. Simone Engelen

    And the song, what is that? A bit breakfast at tiffany’s, Sao Paulo style

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