His Three-Oh

Written By bryanboy

When it comes to relationships, it’s always a case of ‘different strokes for different folks’. My partner and I agreed that we’ll do our best in spending special occasions together. In the past year that we’ve gone out, we’ve celebrated Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, my birthday and now, his. He finally hit the BIG three zero last night. I was gonna tease him that he’s an old fart now by asking him how it feels to go out with a tiny, gaysian boy like me but then stopped myself short because I’m gonna turn thirty myself in such a matter of time. Ooops.

Bryanboy at Sevilla Restaurant, Claridges Hotel New Delhi, India

We celebrated his birthday by popping by over at the Claridges Hotel here in New Delhi. We went to Sevilla, their restaurant. We asked for a table outside but they gave us a little cabana. Sweet. I had soft shell crabs to start, chicken tagine for main and a bottle of rose. I thought it was creepy that we didn’t fight last night. It’s almost obligatory for us to argue halfway through our meals at special occasions and we always, always look back to our fight (over the silliest, pettiest things) at that very expensive dinner during New Year’s at Boston. Anyway, to cut it short, we had a lovely time last night. One for the memories.

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Soft shell crab starter
Chicken tagine main course
Colourful indian lamp
Fire torches at Sevilla Restaurant, Claridges Hotel New Delhi
Bryanboy after dinner at Sevilla restaurant, Claridges Hotel New Delhi
Bryanboy's cubic zirconia ring

Sevilla Restaurant at Claridges Hotel New Delhi
12 Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi, India
Reservations phone: +91-11-3955-5082


  1. You are so lucky Bryan (and vice versa) – *gives deep sigh*

    Hope you’re having a lovely time in India!

  2. Hahah my bf is 26 years old and I ALREADY tease him that soon he’s 30! :D And then 40… and then 50… :D Oh God I feel so young, I’m not even 20 yeat and I can tease people as much as I like! HA!

  3. Hahahah “gaysian”, I’ve never heard that before :D Great that you didn’t argue!!
    And what bling bling is that! Looks awesome!
    Have a great time you two!

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