Hermès x Vans Sneakers by Way of Robert Verdi

Written By bryanboy

Robert Verdi took some of his old Hermès silk scarves and got Vans to use them to customize his sneakers. Talk about a whole new level of DIY. How amazing are these?

Hermes x Vans sneaker by Robert Verdi

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Robert Verdi's Hermes and Vans sneakers
Hermes scarf used to create a sneaker by Vans
Hermes x Vans shoes by Robert Verdi
Hermes & Vans shoes


  1. I am seriously in love with these shoes! I want a pair to cherish for a moment in time. I am very impressed with the different prints that are on the shoes.

  2. best vans ever designed, and vans a re so comfy, and easy to wear and style with anything! chick!

  3. Bryan you gotta do us all a favor & help us get our hands on these! Desperately- Seeking-These-in-Egypt. @hebaelkayal

  4. They used his old Hermès silk scarves….so they probably aren’t going to be massed produced..but who knows?;)

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