Emma Watson for Vogue USA July 2011

Written By bryanboy

Once upon a time, I’ve looked up to the international editions of Vogue to find something new to inspire me. You know… something new, something that isn’t the same old, same old, something extraordinary. But what happens when most of the international Vogues become repetitive and the big elephant in the room, the grand-daddy of all Vogues, start flexing its muscles? Well, one cannot help but feel its powerful presence. This is what’s going on at the moment. American Vogue is on the right path (war path, perhaps?), taking me on this rollercoaster ride of glamorous extravaganza as of late. When young starlet Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame chopped her locks last year, the first thing that came to my mind was — VOGUE cover! Fast forward a year later, here’s Emma, in Prada, on the July 2011 cover of American Vogue. I love the transformation! Dudette is finally a lady.

Emma Watson in Prada on the cover of Vogue USA July 2011

I can’t wait to get this issue. Bravo Anna, bravo!


  1. She seriously gives me hope that there is a decent role model for young girls. She’s beautiful, talented and SMART! There are enough ditzy, partying, hot messes out there. Go Emma!

  2. I really like Emma! She’s pretty and smart, has style and is not arrogant.
    In my opinion she just waited for the end of the shooting of Harry Potter to cut off her hair and show that she can be more than Hermione. Emma is just so beautiful…
    I think I might be getting this issue, too..

  3. She looks absolutely gorgeous! Although I have to say that I liked long hair better on her. It seemed like along with Emma’s change of hairstyle, her fashion sense changed too – not that it’s a bad thing, just saying. It’s hard not to get intimidated by someone as ‘big time’ as her so it’s no wonder that not much guys pursue her. I’ve always liked her with Tom Felton though. But with university, endorsements and projects all lined up, I think it’s going to be difficult for her to get into a relationship.

  4. She’s amazingly beautiful !

    I like that when it comes to a picture she knows how to work the camera. I wonder whats next ? Maybe a cover model I should say.

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