1. Arianna Aldini

    where did you get those trousers, if I can know it? :)

  2. So funny I was wearing my old Dries Van Noten heels today! They would look smashing with your brown pants, maybe I have to go to the men’s department. Love the neutral colors because it is all about the print! The trousers are spot on, I love love an English dandy boy look, so this is a hit to me. The sweater and the shoes make it look so chique! Maybe a fancy gentlemen’s club and you look perfect. I don’t know you give me a total different vibe with this look, so calm, but I love it

  3. Renata Wandega Valente

    I think it matched perfectly with your shoes.
    Dries is always a good choice.

  4. Renata Wandega Valente

    I think it matched perfecty with your shoes.
    Dries is always a great choice!

  5. I really love this loook on u! Simple, classy, yet a touch of boldness with he trousers. Love the shoes, too! The best I’ve seen from u in many posts. Such a great picture!

  6. I used to think you were only a personality blogger. Giving your insight on the latest fashionannigans then you started having pictures and I must say they inspire me quite.

  7. Hi Byran, this is my first comment at you blog..after reading it for ages! don´t get me wrong..you look always good and very special, but this look is absoulutly perfect! very classy and chic. big compliment.

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