Bryanboy x Giorgio Armani Fatto a Mano su Misura

Written By bryanboy

Every common man dreams of having a Giorgio Armani suit. It’s the ultimate classic. An Armani suit is akin to a Rolex watch, an Hermes handbag, a Burberry trench coat… they stand the test of time. However, only very special men get the opportunity to have their very own made-to-measure Giorgio Armani suits.

Bryanboy at Giorgio Armani Via Montenapoleone

Armani is known for timeless tailoring and exclusive elegance whereas I’m known for my eccentricity and sense of humor. I’m very thrilled and excited to see the result of this… me in Giorgio Armani! Who wouldn’t be curious to see what happens when our worlds collide?

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In between shows yesterday, the kind folks of Giorgio Armani invited me to a private salon at the Giorgio Armani via Montenapoleone boutique for my own, Gorgio Armani Made to Measure suit.

For approximately two hours, expert staff took note of everything to make the perfect suit.

Bryanboy at Giorgio Armani Made to Measure
Giorgio Armani Made to Measure suit fabrics
Giorgio Armani Fatto a Mano su Misura
Giorgio Armani Made to Measure suit buttons
Giorgio Armani suit fabric, lining and button

I wore sample garments (we started with the shirt, followed by trousers and lastly, the jacket) which they pinned and tucked to measured me, inch by inch, centimeter by centimeter. All of which were written down on forms which are going to be entered and kept in a database.

After getting my measurements, we chose the fabric for the shirt and the suit itself. Giorgio Armani Made-to-Measure fabrics are different than the fabrics used at their read-to-wear line. There are books upon books, swatches upon swatches of fabric. I must say it wasn’t an easy task because there are lots to choose from. I opted for something supremely classic — a dark shade of navy blue, almost midnight blue. I want flexibility and I also want to be able to wear the jacket on its own.

Fabrics aside, I also got to choose every detail possible from the jacket style (double-breasted or single?
smoking style? double-peaked lapel?) and the lining to the shirt style (cuff buttons or cuff links?) and the shirt monogram.

No detail was spared to make my suit personal. Very personal.

My first Giorgio Armani suit shall be ready for a second fitting in a few weeks time. I can’t wait to see (and wear) it!

I just hope I don’t gain excessive weight in between fittings. I hope to lose weight of course, but then again, when your suit is made-to-measure, you are guaranteed it will be the perfect fit, regardless of your size.

Giorgio Armani Made to Measure is available at select Armani boutiques worldwide.
In Milan, I went to the Giorgio Armani boutique at Via Montenapoleone 2.

Special thanks to the wonderful folks at Giorgio Armani for this ultra special experience.


  1. Wow!This seems like a great experience.I can’t wait to see you wearing this suit

  2. excited with you about the suit. you looked ravishing in the green shining shimmering splendid top, too, by the way. i think i can relate to this piece. I’m borderline artsy fartsy who happens to be a corporate lawyer. There are days when a cocktail ring and red nails already feel risque! I love suits, but it doesn’t end there. i prefer to have something shining shimmering inside.

  3. Can’t believe how jealous this post is making me! Great photos – wish it was me taking them tho!

  4. That is cool that you have gotten the chance to do this. I can’t wait to get money for mines to be made special for me or I can make my own. Ha !

    You know that I can’t wait to see the outcome of your garment.

  5. Dear Bryan,

    I am sure you will look very suave in your Armani suit.Fantastic color choice btw, you will be able to dress it up or down…The styling doesnt have to be minimal either… I used to a huge fan of his tailoring; Armani clothes are timeless…Thanks for this delightful post.

    Kind regards,

    Laurent x

  6. Galing! I bought my first Armani suit when I graduated from college in 1996. To this day I still wear my 3 button to weddings, funerals and interviews. Sometimes I wear the jacket with jeans. If you want to buy more I suggest Emporio because it will suit your age and aesthetic better. Also, Armani suits fits best with your body type…Giorgio is little guy. And just a heads up, Armani suits look best with Hermes ties. Anyways welcome to the club congrats!

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