Worthy of A Backstabber

Written By bryanboy

And the backpack obsession continues. I fell in love with this Alexander Wang leather and canvas backpack the first time I saw it when Rumi and I went to the Opening Ceremony store in LA. We both weren’t in shopping mode at that time so I held off for a few days before buying it on Shopbop. It’s been years, no decades, since I last used a backpack heavily. It feels so good and liberating to be able to walk around the city streets with free hands and free arms, no wonder this bag is now my day-to-day bag. Cue ‘rolling with my homies’…

Alexander Wang backpack worn by Bryanboy
Alexander Wang backpack

Click HERE to buy or for more information. Turns out the Alexander Wang backpack is now on sale! Shopbop ships anywhere in the world for free, just a FYI.


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