Tu Parles Abercrombie et Francaise?

Written By bryanboy

The invasion continues…

American megabrand Abercrombie & Fitch recently opened a flagship store in Paris.

In New York, you cannot go in or get out of the Prada boutique on Madison Avenue without being trampled upon, spat, stepped on, pushed and shoved by the ‘real people’ shoppers of Abercrombie & Fitch store next door.

I like Abercrombie & Fitch for their fleece hoodies and sweatpants which I wear INDOORS…


  1. Dear BryanBoy
    today I read your interview in the latest german QVEST-magazin. I must say, I sometimes had my doubts wether to like you or not —-> now I loooove you! Great interview! I hope lots of german people with attitude about bloggers read what you have to say :)

  2. I bet the boys were paid in lattes. Actually, the singular latte is probably more correct.

  3. yeah but abercrombie in nyc is on 5th ave-not madison-and it is always filled with Eurotrash tourists anyway, not americans and def not NYC’ers

  4. BB I have to agree with the comment above. Total Euro trash and men abover 45 who want to be cool go there. I hate AF for thier lack for diversity! Where are the cute asains in that line up???? That should hav had you in there carried on a throne. :)

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