Rarer Than A Unicorn

Written By bryanboy

Look who I spotted at Humlegården yesterday afternoon. Perhaps she borrowed a book from the nearby Royal Library?

Humlegården, Stockholm
Real life Marge Simpson
at Humlegården, Stockholm

How often do you get a Marge Simpson sighting in real life?


  1. HAHA! Oh wow you saw them! So they actually DID walk to the studenskiva.. my nephew (no I’m not an old granny, I’m 24 and yes he’s 5 years younger :)) and his class + parents had their studentskiva and the theme was “Eh, hur tänkte du nu?”, I heard that one family dressed up as The Simpsons but I was ready to bet money that they took a cab! Cool that they didn’t!

  2. Very rare indeed. Bryan, I love how you creep on people (with your camera). You have a great eye for finding the odd and fabulous!

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