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You have no idea how fun it was to go inside the Calvin Klein flagship store on Madison Avenue. I nuclear-bombed the kingdom of neutrals (think beige, off-white, white, sand, eggshell) with my, one could say obnoxious, colours. Calvin Klein Collection is the epitome of American minimal chic. I love Francisco Costa and his modern clothes. In my next life, when I reincarnate as a tall, very slender blonde with super thin and straight hair, you bet I’ll always be in head-to-ankle Calvin. It’s a shame I can’t go minimal now because my very colourful and fun personality requires that I dress like a Christmas tree. Maybe I’ll give it a shot someday. Try my hand at minimal dressing, that is.

Bryanboy in front of a New York City Sightseeing Bus

Sunglasses, stole, shoes from Prada, shirt and sweater from H&M, jeans from Rag & Bone.

Click click click!

Bryanboy outside Calvin Klein wearing Prada
Bryanboy on Madison Ave, New York City

Oh and I also found a lovely bag at Calvin Klein. The black version of the bag, priced at $1,195 which is quite reasonable given the prices of most designer bags, is super chic.


  1. Im faris, malaysian. I love the way u carry your style! It absolutely stunning n bold! Confident is your main power!

  2. Hey Bryanboy, did you size down on your shoes or buy your regular size? Just curious on how they fit. Thanks!

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