Neva Look Behind Yo Shawlda

Written By bryanboy

I am obsessed with all these ethnic-looking, Dries-y-ish scarves/shawls I found at the Moroccan markets on the cheap. I know it’s spring but it’s never too early to plan for fall looks.

Bryanboy wearing a scarf from morocco.

Click click click!

Bryanboy smiling while wearing a shawl on his head.
Bryanboy wearing a scarf as a top.
Bryanboy wearing a shawl as a turban.
Bryanboy wearing a brown and gold shawl.
Headshot of Bryanboy wearing a shawl from Morocco
Purple Moroccan shawl


  1. Shivana M

    Pashima-heaven! You look fabu babe, when r you going to do some island S-hopping.

  2. i love your shades. so so much.
    i actually have some of these scarves, and i kind of want to put them to good use now :)

  3. Bryan- I saw you walking down Rue de Rivoli yesterday in your red pants, striped shirt (a la Prada S/S 2011) and Moroccan hat. My gf and I are visiting from San Francisco, so it was such a thrill to see you strutting down the street. What are you up to in Paris? Bisous! P.S. Yes, you were most certainly strutting!

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