My Life As A College Water Polo Jock

Written By bryanboy

I’ve always wanted to be part of a sports team. Back in high school, I’ve always tried out at the beginning of the school year to be part of either the softball or volleyball varsity teams. Unfortunately, all the nasty queens vetoed me out year after year. Whatevs. Wind the clocks forward and look where I’m at. I’m not bitter. There’s a time and place for everything in life. Say hello to the newest addition to the Harvard Water Polo team!

Bryanboy as Harvard Water Polo Team Jock

Excuse my mess. I’ve just moved in to my new pad. Click click click!

Bryanboy inside a water polo jock's dormitory
Harvard Water Polo Team
Harvard Water Polo
Harvard Water Polo Team Sweater
Bryanboy as Harvard Water Polo Team Jock

I kid, I kid you.


  1. fashion Suicides

    Hahaha, your room is even worse than mine ! What a MESS

  2. HAHA! I played volleyball in high school and college, and I TOTALLY would have wanted you on the team Bryan Boy! You should start a Fashion Bloggers Volleyball League… :)


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