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Razzle dazzle! As I always say my dearest readers… when was the last time you did something for the first time?

Yesterday night was the annual Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Benefit. This year’s exhibition celebrates the legacy and the astonishing work of the late, great Alexander McQueen. It’s my first time to attend such event.

Bryanboy in Dolce & Gabbana at the 2011 Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Benefit
Hat, overcoat, vest, trousers, shoes, bowtie from Dolce & Gabbana

Thank you so much Ms. Wintour for personally giving me the privilege of witnessing such a magical, star-studded evening. I wouldn’t be there without your help.

I took around 2,000 photos last night. I’ll edit and post them as soon as I can.


  1. are those the glittered pants you love so much!!! well they look fabulous on you, magnificent combined with the black. I love the different textures you are wearing: the sequins, but above all the texture of the shoes. there is so much to look at… you know how to work with ‘more’. The pants is not wearing you but you are still master of the outfit. as much as I love to see you in sunglasses, please show your fabulous face a little bit more. Best feature to me is the longer vest, it makes it so chique and sophisticated

  2. Way to bring the drama with a lil bling. I like the look I hope you took those shades off at some point.

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