Marrakech Photo Diary

Written By bryanboy

I have never been anywhere as mysterious and exotic as Marrakesh. I had a vague idea of what to expect but I didn’t know it would be a million times overwhelming (in a good way!!!) in real life. Once you’ve seen the photos I’ve taken, you’d also be at a loss of words on how to describe what I saw. It’s like going through a time warp to be transported back to old times, except there are satellite dishes on top of every concrete structure everywhere. Talk about experiencing REAL “culture shock” for the first time. The city was a feast for the senses — marvelous colours, textures, scents… There’s always something to discover everywhere.

Bryanboy outside a store selling Moroccan carpets

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For the record, I probably have carpal tunnel syndrome from going through thousands of photos I took during my trip. I have tons of other photos but I could only share as much as I have other blogging commitments. I’ll save them (yes, including my trip to the Majorelle Gardens) for future blog posts.

photo of Bryanboy shopping for carpets and rugs
Entrance of Kenzi Menara Palace Hotel
A painting at the Kenzi Menara Palace Hotel lobby
Bryanboy on the streets of Marrakesh
Bryanboy inside a Moroccan baboosh slipper shop
Striped baboosh slippers from a market in Marrakesh, Morocco
Leather baboosh slippers
Details of a Moroccan carpet sandal
Moroccan tea glasses
Colorful Moroccan jars
Moroccan candles
Iconic images of various eyes
Brown and white Morrocan tiles
Blue carpet bag
Moroccan Carpets
Shopping in Marrakech
Colorful dyes and pigments
Moroccan man wearing a fez hat
Bryanboy with grapefruit and orange juice stand at Jemaa el-fna, Marrakesh
Man wearing elephant pyjamas
Zebra rug at a cafe in Marrakech
Market stalls at the Medina, Marrakesh
Satellite dishes in Marrakech
Chicken and Lime Tagine
Bryanboy outside Palais des Congres, Marrakech
Marrakesh, Morocco Palais des Congres ceiling
Kyle Anderson wearing a Balmain Tshirt at Palais Des Congres
Belly dancers at Caftan 2011 fashion show
Crystal chandeliers of the Palais des Congres in Marrakesh, Morocco
Moroccan caftan embroidery
Caftan 2011 Fashion Show, Marrakech
Moroccan Caftan 2011
Bryanboy outside Kenzi Menara Palace Hotel, Marrakech
Bryanboy at Jad Mahal for Dinner
Belly dancers at Jad Mahal restaurant, Marrakesh
Pass the fez hat after dinner
Bryanboy boarding a Royal Air Maroc flight
Flag of Morocco

WHAT I BOUGHT: Enormous, red carpet holdall bag, purple and brown embroidered backpack, a handful of scarves, three hats, five baboosh slippers, a dozen or so Bottega-esque leather friendship bracelets, tea glasses, scented candles

WHERE I STAYED: Kenzi Menara Palace Hotel (visit for website), Zone de l’Agdal, avenue Mohamed VI, Marrakech. Phone +212524459900

WHERE I WENT: The Medina, Djemaa El-Fna square, the souks/markets in Marrakech, Majorelle Gardens, Palais des Congres

Special thanks to the Moroccan Tourist Office, Royal Air Maroc and Kenzi Menara Palace Hotel for the wonderful and memorable trip to Marrakech.


  1. BB This is great! I love all of your outfits and the colors in all the photographs! I need to get my hands on 2 things inspired by YOU. 1)those sunglasses 2) that cute prada shirt. I love that yellow outfit you have on. Muuuuuwaaaah. XOXO

  2. This was a great post! I loved all of the deep, earthy colours. Especially the yellows and oranges. Imma go home and cook with some fabulous spices tonight. I’m feeling the Marrakesh vibe thanks to you.

  3. When the picture was downloading, I thought the top half of the photo of a man with his whole right arm on his hips looked like a chic African transvestite (a taboo considering you’re in a muslim country), only to realize it was a actually warrior.

    Great photos, Bry.

  4. Maryam Dahaman

    Wow!!! Seems your trip to Morocco and Marrakech in particular has made quite an impression:D I’m a Moroccan born and raised in the Netherlands, so your experiences are very familiar! Love what you did with the Moroccan hats by the way, totally eliminated the goof-factor:) Ow, and love your Prada shoes! Thanx for sharing and keep up the good work! ///////

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