Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside

Written By bryanboy

You have to watch this intimate interview that was aired on MTV a few days featuring Lady Gaga. Between you and me, her music and her outlandish spectacle of outfits and crazy sets are almost secondary on what I like about her. I love what she represents, I love what she stands for, I love her message, I love her vision. No other artist pushed the envelope like Gaga in recent years. She’s the best.


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  1. Wow I just finished watching all the parts you uploaded! She is so magical! She is just amazing, I love her and her work, her deep commitment to her beloved fans and everything about her. She will stay for a long long time – she will be a legend.

    Thank you so much for posting the videos!!

  2. She’s the best! She seems so real and honest. Depite she’s a huge celeb she tends to be down on earth and just cool and relaxed. I admire that a lot! I have so much respect for this woman. Also, she is openly talking about her family relationship -respect!
    She will be a legend indeed, yes :) !

  3. i havent got time to watch all of this interview right now as i have to study (boo) but i recently watched her interview on the graham norten show & i am incredibly pro gaga now. im not going to say im a huge fan of her music, i didnt enjoy her last album incredibly but am loving all of her latest releases, but the way she can talk in an interview.. she is beyond what a lot of other artists these days are.x

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