I Think I’m Going Through An African Phase

Written By bryanboy

I had an epiphany earlier this afternoon before leaving the house for our picnic. I think I’m going through an African phase. I seem to add more and more bracelets on my wrist each day. Leather, stones, beads, the whole works. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next customs officer stop me for looking like a bracelet smuggler.


Bryanboy's bracelets as worn at a picnic in Stockholm.
Bryanboy's colorful beaded and leather bracelets.


  1. The high-low mix is what makes the bracelets look so great. Hérmes beside something from a market. That is perfect.

  2. me too! I think i’m turning into a hippie with all my bracelets, I even have a candy bracelet on! xx

  3. Love it! Looks like my arm used to, until I left them all in a rush on a hotelroom. Achingly slowly rebuildning my collection again here in Mexico.

  4. Omg to the max. I just got that Hermes double wrap bracelet in orange. How fabulous does it make you feel? Slash I am African….though I think wearing that many bracelets is Indian…we tend to prefer spears ;)

  5. I was just telling a friend that I feel like I’m really bad at pulling this off, much as I’d like to. I always end up with one or two bangles instead. BUT… I did go through my own phase, although it wasn’t African. I was in seventh grade and I wore a million plastic colored bangles and star bracelets, in true raver nyc style.


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