Brandie and Kandie

Written By bryanboy

I’m so glad I bought another eye mask (“Highly Medicated” this time around) because I left my “Call My Agent” mask on the plane from New York to Casablanca. I’m not grieving over the loss because I photographed the mask already…

I bought those kitschy eye masks for almost nothing at Los Angeles institution, Kitson. Aside from “Call My Agent” and “Highly Medicated”, they also have the masks in other slogans such as “Well Hung”, which, btw, doesn’t apply to me cause I’m GAYSIAN and I would challenge man-o-to-man-o any other Asian man who claims they are well-hung, and of course, “Totally Neurotic”.


  1. I think “HIGHLY MEDICATED” is more appropriate since you always sound drunk or high on somethin anyway

  2. does it matter how big someone is? regardless of race.. that’s pretty narrow minded. i’ve known many well hung asian guys, and it’s not a big deal.. you have what you have. there is no correlation between size and race. get over it bryan.

  3. I agree with Xo. Bryan, i take your challenge then. When you come to London or maybe when I go to Manila I’ll show you mine. Ikaw talaga, may Pinoy ring malalaki! lol

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