Alexander McQueen – Savage Beauty

Written By bryanboy

Over the weekend, I visited the breathtaking Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I queued for over an hour just to see some his work over the past few years. Astonishing. In spite of the sea of people (it felt as if we were packed like sardines), the experience was quite haunting and at times, bone-chilling. McQueen was a genius, a visionary. Photography wasn’t allowed but a friend managed to sneak a shot or two using the good ol’ cellphone. I bought the book (Alexander McQueen – Savage Beauty by Andrew Bolton), as well as a pack of pencils with his Platos Atlantis prints, for good measure.

Bryanboy outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art featuring the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit

Sunglasses from Miu Miu, necklace, bag and shirt from Kenzo, cardigan from Uniqlo, jacket from Filippa K, belt from Hermes, jeans from Diesel, socks from Prada, sandals from a market stall in Morocco

Click click click!

Alexander McQueen Savage beauty line wait
Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty at the Met - Dress Display
Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit - parachute silk dress
Alexander McQueen Savage beauty exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC
Fabian waiting in line for the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit
Bryanboy sitting at a gallery inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art


  1. Saw this show, it was fantastic and very emotional. Glad you had the courage to snap some pix, which was “forbidden”.

  2. Toni Shtereva

    Well, it really looks like a great experience. I wish i could visit it too, but unfortunately i don’t have the time now. Hope you’ll have enough Plato’s Atlantis’ pencils to use them as a memory of this visit :D

  3. It’s the end of an era in fashion when McQueen died.Thank you BB for this, I’ve seen a lot of blogs regarding this but yours is all that I’ve been waitin for…Short (as always) but I felt your passion for fashion. Best regards, G.

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