The Ultimate Conference Room

Written By bryanboy

So many meetings, so little time. I had a very surreal meeting earlier this afternoon. I, along with several members of the team, are here in New York. The Los Angeles office is on the other side of the table, displayed life-sized, via video conference.

Creative Artists Agency conference room

I have NEVER seen anything like this. EVER! Amazing what technology can do these days!


  1. You meant “I, along with several members of the team, AM …” instead of ‘are’? That’s all. :)

  2. That is crazy!! That would be surreal to adjust to, I can’t imagine what they will do next. Are you always here in NYC my love?

  3. that’s CISCO Telepresence..that’s very up the ladder technology and obscenely expensive. nice seeing something we manufacture translate to fashion! n_n

  4. It’s called Cisco Telepresence. I work for this company that makes it all possible in office environments. You can also try Cisco Umi (a home telepresence unit available in the US). Soon, you’ll see the actual face of the person you’re talking to through a regular desktop phone. Cisco will make it possible (shameless plug) through Cius.

  5. we have that here in asia too, i just saw it in a hotel in india… who would’ve known, heh

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