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Ni hao my dearest readers. I’m currently in Shanghai, China.

star tip, shanghai
dog detail in Shanghai, China
Louis Vuitton scaffolding in Shanghai, China

Not only the internet is slow, I cannot seem to access a lot of websites such as facebook, twitter, etc.

I’ll post a few blog entries when I have the time. On the bright side, my schedule is packed. Otherwise, I’d probably go nuts!


  1. AHH! WELCOME TO THIS SIDE OF THE WORLD!!! You are here at the right time, this is the best weather we have before it gets crazy hot!

  2. Check if you can access proxy websites like If there’s a will, there’s a way, BB. I’m so jealous with you living your life.

  3. use VPN to hide your ip address while you’re in china! is a good one! you can access free trial for a month.

  4. See Teong Teik

    welcome to shanghai~~ that’s why we need vpn in china, otherwise we’ll be disconnected from the world outside~~ hope you enjoy shanghai~~

  5. Welcome to China!! I lived in Beijing for 10 months. Not only are sites like Facebook and Twitter banned, but anything that questions the Chinese government. Makes you appreciate America and that little thing called the First Amendment! :]

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