Photographing The Pope Wearing Prada At Prada

Written By bryanboy

Self Service magazine’s photographer caught me photographing my beloved Anna Wintour at the fall/winter 2011 show. So gracious and kind, that woman. And the look on Tim Blanks’ face? Priceless.

Hamish Bowles, Anna Wintour, Tim Blanks and Bryanboy at Prada front-row, fall winter 2011 fashion show.

Photo via self service.


  1. Jose Luis

    Very impressive Bryanboy!!! Yea you’d think the Pope would actually be there! haha Anna all the way!!! <3

  2. What’s so amazing about her? What does she do other than promote overpriced clothing for rich snobs. Plus her face work is terrible. If she truly was amazing, she’d find a way to her age work for her – not look like one of the endlessly boring cover photos of Vogue.

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