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Written By bryanboy

On the day of the super private John Galliano fall/winter 2011 show, I thought I’d sprinkle some Bryanboy sunshine to lighten things up around somber and gloomy Paris by doing what I like to do best — going cray cray with the outfits! Since John Galliano is known for his extravagant, flamboyant and dramatic creations, why not pay homage by pushing a bit further without taking things a bit too seriously? Afterall, fashion is meant to be a fun celebration of fantasy, desires and delight!

Bryanboy at the John Galliano fall winter 2011 fashion show
Bryanboy wearing Michael Kors at John Galliano fall winter 2011 show

Sunglasses by Karen Walker, shearling scarf courtesy of Karen Walker, python coat courtesy of Michael Kors, necklace, belt and trousers courtesy of Kenzo, necklace courtesy of Fallon, top by Uniqlo, shoes by Lanvin.

via Alice B.


  1. Bry…from the waist up you look fly as hell!…from the waist down, you morph to a clown! Can you transition the two looks more smoothly then I can give you an overall seal of grade A delicious?

  2. Ha ha, this is awesome! You look pretty funky…no wonder the statue looks like she’s showing off and going GAGA over you, LOL.

    -Tallulah Doll

  3. Bryan by the looks of things you only post comments that are favoring your blogs and the rest get rejected. I write this, as I been following you for a long time, and wrote something, not favorable, to this particular blog a couple of days back hence I guess it was not accepted. I say that is not ‘Web 2.0’. You have lost a fan. Good luck with your endeavors.

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