Lunch With Zing

Written By bryanboy

Just got back from a beautiful lunch with my friend Zing. He’s a renowned make-up artist in Hong Kong whose work is extraordinary. We first met last year and it’s nice to see him again.

Bryanboy with make-up artist Zing

We talked about many, many things. He’s an avid Chanel jacket collector (both vintage and new), he loves Ralph Lauren and he stockpiles Yohji Yamamoto. Another topic was social media in China — he told me about Weibo, the Chinese version of twitter. He has about 500,000 followers there.


  1. Haha What a lovely picture. Each of you wearing your own pair of cool sunnies.

  2. Tom Tuttle

    i’ve ‘worked’ with him before, back in school days. his gift was already very apparent then. he played image consultant to a group of us girls in a talent-time contest. i wish i still have the photos. precious days they were.

  3. Eric Au Chocolat

    Hi. Nothing related to this post, but please do you have the name/the link for the Louis Vuitton FW2011 show soundtrack??? I’m searching for it since the show and i can’t find it. Thanks.

  4. Eric Au Chocolat

    Thank u so much Vanilla Latte, even if it’s not exactly the same, it’s close. Thanks. :)

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