Late Lunch at Bar Stuzzichini

Written By bryanboy

I’m not a big fan of spring weather because of the unexpected showers it brings. I ducked for cover at the nearby Bar Stuzzichini to prevent myself from getting wet. Late lunch ain’t a bad idea because I’m famished. Towards the end of my meal, my friend Alex (who’s having an exhibit at the Pratt Institute next week) called me and asked where I was. Lo and behold he was just around the corner from me because he went to a casting. Table for one is a bit sad so I told him to join me.

Bryanboy at Bar Stuzzichini, New York
Lunch at Bar Stuzzichini, New York
Alex O'Neill having lunch at Bar Stuzzichini, New York

Bar Stuzzichini was good. Food’s great, service was swift. I was able to get a table without reservations. I love discovering restaurants (and have friends around the corner to join) unexpectedly.


  1. Wow Food looks great ! I never understand why take pictures of food, but ok (Laughing)

    But glad the food was good ,and now I’m wishing that I was there to have a nice meal.

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